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Ensuring that any building is secure is all about protecting obvious weak points. For example, somewhere with a lot of heavy equipment might identify the car park as a weak point. Any burglars would need to park up in close proximity to make off with very bulky equipment, so if you cordon off the car park with barriers, you vastly reduce the chance that such possessions will go walk-about.


Sometimes, weak points are very specific to a particular building. However, pretty much all structures share one common weak point, and that feature is, of course, the windows. Windows usually present the easiest way into a building, so window security is very possibly the cornerstone of good building security. Here are a few options to give your windows the ‘lockdown’ treatment:

Bars and Grills

Window bars or grills are undoubtedly a great way to improve the security of your windows. When such bars are in place, you’ll gain benefits such as…

–        Effective protection against both criminals and animals.

–        Consistent ventilation, as even opened windows will still be secure.

–        Good light levels, as daylight can still creep inside.

Roller Shutters

Rollers shutters are probably a ‘step up’ from bars or grills, as they completely block off an aperture like a window, which makes it far harder to break into. We wouldn’t always advocate totally ‘solid’ shutters though, as being able to see through shutters (at least in part) helps in several ways…

–        Light and air can still come through when the shutters are down.

–        In a retail premise, people can still see the window display.

–        Unscrupulous activity can be seen from outside the building.

It’s a well-known fact that many criminals are dissuaded by visible security methods, as opportunistic crimes are by far the most common, so something other than simple locks is always useful. The great thing about things like window shutters is that they’re multipurpose. For example, as well as dashing the hopes of the aforementioned (potential) robbers, they can also help with fire security strategies too, so there are plenty of reasons to get your windows secured, and quickly.

Here at Abacus Shutters, we’re a specialist provider of burglar bars in London, but we can also supply things like security roller shutters in London and the surrounding areas, allowing you to secure your entire building at once. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance, so contact us now by emailing or call +44(0)845 644 1225 if you’d like our help.