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Burglaries and break-ins are a sad fact of life, and the hard truth is that if a criminal really wants to gain access to a premise, you’ll have to work exceptionally hard to prevent them from doing so. However, aside from the few extreme cases to the contrary, most break-ins actually occur on an opportunistic basis, where passing miscreants simply take advantage of an obvious lack of security.

Opportunistic Burglary

Most statistics indicate that the majority of burglaries – almost 90% in fact – occur simply as a result of blatant security mistakes. Things like open windows, unmanned entrances and a lack of obvious burglar alarms are all guaranteed to pique the interest of the wrong sort of people, and it’s all too easy to slip up and leave such tempting signals in view.

The Little Things Can Help

In terms of house burglary, many burglars have confessed that the simplest security measures have made them think twice about breaking and entering. Window locks, external lights and blinds to conceal valuables have all been known to do the trick, so, when you think about it, property owners do not have to go to extraordinary lengths to secure their premises.

Simply put, burglars and thieves tend to make the most of security mistakes and opportunities to ply their unscrupulous trade, but all too often a lack of awareness makes it easy for them to do so. When you consider that even a few locks and lights have been confirmed to dissuade criminals, just think how effective measures like burglar bars or roller shutters are going to be.

What We Can Provide

Here at Abacus Shutters, we are a specialist provider of security shutters in Essex and the surrounding areas, and our products have a proven track record when it comes to exponentially increasing the security of a business premise or office. Of course, buildings can be threatened by other problems too, like a risk of fire, and we can even help here as well, so the scope of our service really is comprehensive.

Products like our security roller shutters in London are some of the highest quality investments that you’ll ever find, and we can even repair and maintain these solutions to ensure they remain effective for as long as possible; anything with moving parts tends to wane in efficiency over time, after all. To find out more about how we can improve the security of your premises, contact us now by emailing or calling +44(0)845 644 1225. We’ll always be pleased to assist you.