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The threat of burglaries and break-in crimes is something that every commercial premise owner will have to negotiate at some point or another. For businesses in London and other large urban centres, the problem is perhaps especially prevalent, and the obvious solution is to invest in some security measures for your building.

Here at Abacus Shutters, we are a renowned supplier of security doors in London, but we also stock numerous other security features for you to utilise as well. Here is a brief look into some of the products that we provide and also the advantages that they bring:

Roller Shutters

Many London-based businesses are now making use of roller shutters, and these useful security systems come with the advantage of being both durable, yet also easy to raise or lower. Our own roller shutters in London can come in a variety of designs, colours and styles, and can even conform to an entirely bespoke design, so they are also very easy to incorporate into most premises that you’ll find.


Telescopic Bollards

We regularly assist customers looking for telescopic bollards in London, but we still think that a lot more companies could be making use of these systems. By restricting vehicular access to your premises, you greatly limit the opportunity for substantial burglary to be carried out, and telescopic bollards come with the added benefit of being retractable in the event that you do want to permit a wider level of admittance.

Burglar Bars

Burglar bars are sometimes overlooked as being a little ‘low-tech’, yet their simplicity is precisely what makes then so effective. Ideal for preventing forced entry into a building, burglar bars are also very cost-effective, so there’s an awful lot to be said in their favour. We can supply burglar bars in London for a range of needs and situations, so you’ll undoubtedly find something to suit you in our stock.

Of course, effective security depends upon a combination of all of these factors, and many other types of shutters, gates, doors and other systems that we haven’t even mentioned in this blog, and that’s exactly why we provide such a comprehensive service for you to take advantage of.

From telescopic bollards to roller shutters, to providing security shutters in London and the surrounding area, you’ll find everything that you need here at Abacus Shutters. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling +44(0)845 644 1225 today.