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Fire Shutters

Preventative, Effective &Lifesaving

Fire shutters have a similar design to standard roller shutters. However, several alterations have been made to the design to ensure that the integrity of the fire shutter is not compromised under fire conditions. In the event of a fire, a fire shutter is designed to close and contain a fire.

Due to the severe pressures which occur during a fire, a fire shutter has been designed to expand and continue to operate as intended. To ensure that the expansion occurs, and the integrity of the fire shutter is retained, a manufacturer is legally required to have a specimen tested by a notified body. This is a compulsory requirement as per the Construction Product Regulations 2013.

A fire shutter can be designed to be operated only during fire conditions or for security as well as fire. Therefore, they are often discreetly hidden within a building and will only operate when required. There are several types of fire shutters available depending on the application and integrity rating required.

Fire roller shutters can be activated by either the triggering of the fire alarm system or by a local heat/smoke detector. The type of activation required must be considered within the business’s risk assessments. However, the different options available can be discussed with one of our sales team members.

How do fire shutters work?

A standard tubular motor fire shutter operates upon receiving a signal from the fire alarm system or a key switch for security.

A conventional inline fire shutter can also be utilised for more industrial applications. Not only can they be activated by the alarm system which will drive the motor, but a failsafe mechanism such as a fusible link can also trigger the solenoid release mechanism, which would result in a controlled gravitational descent. A fire shutter will be equipped with a control panel, which can be programmed accordingly to allow options like two-stage closing and any delays required. Depending on the control panel, they can also provide audio and visual warnings, which will notify those in proximity to the fire shutter, which is activated and operating.

An unrestricted fire has the power to take over a building within a few minutes, posing a lethal risk to the lives of the people inside. Fortunately, Abacus Shutters provides fire shutters as an effective preventative solution. Our fire-resistant shutters allow a building to be isolated around an exposed fire with the added benefit of limiting the damage inflicted on your premises. This essential piece of fire health and safety can be incorporated into your existing evacuation plan, allowing more time for your staff to escape unharmed whilst also slowing the fire spread. It is an essential life-saving device.

Abacus Shutters

Our Range of Fire Shutters

Fire Integrity (E) Ratings

  • 60 minutes (E60 rating)
  • 120 minutes (E120 rating)
  • 240 minutes (E240 rating)

Structural Types

  • Flexible structure tested (timber stud)
  • Rigid structure tested (masonry, steel)


  • 240-volt tubular motor operation
  • 240-volt or 400-volt industrial chain drive motor
  • 75mm x 50mm x 5mm cold rolled galvanised angle.
  • Cast end locks.
  • Expansion washers
  • Sleep mode battery backup system for up to 30-day standby power – links directly into UPS-FDI panel. (available for 1ph fire shutters)
  • Fire alarm interface card for all sleep mode battery backup systems
  • Anti-fall-back protection (safety brake)
  • Key switch operation
  • Audio-visual fire display interface panel &slave repeater (Provides audible and visual warning, two-stage closing and delay descent).

Optional Extras

  • Smoke detector
  • Heat detector
  • Emergency exit push button
  • Fireman’s switch


  • Polyester powder coating (British Standard or RAL colours)
  • Galvanised steel.

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Abacus Shutters

Fire & Smoke Curtains

Sleek, Inconspicuous &Lifesaving

In recent years, the implementation of fire safety measures has become a growing concern for commercial spaces. Fire curtains have emerged as a crucial component in modern fire safety systems, offering numerous benefits and playing a vital role in the containment and suppression of fire.

The installation of fire curtains is often a necessary requirement to meet fire safety regulations and building codes. Properly installed fire curtains not only enhance the safety of occupants but also demonstrate compliance with stringent regulatory standards.

What is a Fire Curtain?

A fire curtain is a lifesaving device designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building.

Where are they fitted?

Typically installed in large public spaces, such as theatres, auditoriums, and atriums.

What are they made from?

Fire curtains are constructed from a fabric made of heavyweight glass fibre, reinforced with stainless steel wire, and coated with a formulated fire-retardant aluminium-pigmented polyurethane coating.

How does it work?

Fire curtains operate with a variety of options including fire alarms, heat or smoke detectors, and their deployment can be manually triggered as well.

How is it controlled?

As well as a control panel which gives the fire curtain the ability for single descent or descend partially hold and continue descent, additional functionality can be achieved with the installation of egress switches, access switches, and single and double beam obstruction warnings. Light curtain obstruction warnings are also available.

What is their function?

A fire curtain automatically descends from the ceiling to create a barrier, compartment alising the affected area and restricting the fire’s movement. This containment helps to protect occupants by allowing them to evacuate safely while also aiding firefighters in controlling a fire.

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A fire curtain can be either face fixed or reveal fixed but the structure into which a fire curtain is fitted cannot have a fire rating of less than the fire curtain.

Fire curtains provide 120 minutes of integrity against flaming and hot gases and can achieve radiation ratings of either 85 minutes at 15kw/m2 or 120 minutes at 15 kW/m2 and as such are classified as either EW60 or EW120.


Given their critical role in fire safety, building codes and regulations often mandate the installation of fire curtains in specific types of structures, ensuring that occupants and property remain as protected as possible in the event of a fire.

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