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Industrial Doors

Safety, Security & Optimisation

Industrial doors are generally larger and hardier than the standard range of commercial roller shutters. These are used extensively on larger industrial applications such as warehouses, manufacturing depots, ports, airports, recycling, and storage facilities.

The range includes:

  • Industrial roller shutter doors
  • Sectional overhead doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Portcullis Grilles
  • Horizontal sliding folding shutter doors

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

  • The most common industrial door with high levels of security
  • The door is fixed at a high level, and the curtain rolls around a barrel with vertical opening and closing.
  • Available in single or double skin, Industrial Roller Shutters are ideal for insulating large industrial openings against heat, noise, and energy loss.
  • Wind loads up to Class 5
  • Variable thickness to suit your security level, ensuring optimum protection from theft and vandalism.
  • Designed to withstand the rigours of high usage.
  • Various designs and finishes to suit aesthetic requirements.
Abacus Shutters


Manufactured from galvanized steel dome lath sections as standard or double skinned insulated laths for a more robust  shutter / larger opening.


1-phase or 3-phase direct drive or chain drive motor is positioned at the top of the door which powers all of the mechanical components.

Barrel Assembly

The roller assembly is a steel tube fitted at both sides of the end plate which is used to hold the shutter curtain. The curtain rolls around the barrel assembly when in use.

Guide Channels

The “U” shaped vertical sections are located at the sides of the door allowing the curtain to travel up and down smoothly and securely. These come in a range of depths dependent upon the application.

Safety Brake

The safety brake is fitted as standard on all industrial chain-driven shutters and is an integral part of the motor on direct drive systems. This anti-fall-back device prevents the door from dropping in the event of motor failure where pedestrian or vehicle access is required.


A canopy surrounds the components of the door at a high level to prevent entrapment and improve aesthetics. However, this is not needed and has a cost-saving benefit on any shutter with a clear opening height over 2500mm and it is also better from a maintenance perspective, as the curtain and barrel are visible.


Safety features are also incorporated to protect personnel and vehicles against accidents and prevent needless damage to your door on fully automatic systems. In the event of an electrically operated door meeting an obstruction when operating, sensors built within the bottom safety edge system are activated to disengage the door movement. Further safety devices are available depending on requirements and operational circumstances.


Typically finished with galvanised steel as standard, you can choose from a range of standard powder coat colours. This option gives the door a strong yet aesthetically attractive finish.
Special BS or RAL colour are available, as is Plastisol (plastic-coated lath) colours.

Abacus Shutters

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors

  • A vertically opening door
  • Ideal for applications requiring thermal and sound insulation.
  • U value (panel) up to 0.5 W/m2K, wind load Class 3
  • Extreme weather protection due to double-skinned, PU-foamed steel sections with an interlocking hinged joint
  • Reduced carbon footprint & energy costs.

We are proud to offer one of the most versatile sectional overhead doors for commercial and industrial buildings available on the market today. With excellent acoustics qualities, thermal insulation, and a range of design and configuration options, we can create bespoke doors for you. Our Sectional Overhead Door is the perfect industrial door for a wide range of buildings.


Double-skinned, PU-foamed steel sections with an interlocking hinged joint.


The safety track makes sure the rollers move smoothly up and down; the carrying cable is concealed by the track for added safety.

Cable Bonds

Cable bonds of varying thicknesses are positioned relative to the vertical tracks, thus ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

Guide Rollers

Manufactured from nylon wheels with ball races on plated bright mild steel shaft. These are what guide your door up and down.


Tempered helical torsion springs on bright steel shaft, mounted by self-aligning sealed ball bearings. These assist the motor in lifting the door.


Carriers, hinges and reinforcing channel made from heavy gauge pre-galvanised steel.

Door Seals

Rubber weather seals to top, bottom and side sections help prevent the weather outside from penetrating the building.


Either Hand Chain or Electric (1-phase or 3-Phase).


Cable break devices prevents the door from dropping in the event of motor failure or broken bonds where pedestrian or vehicle access is required.

Lift Types

There are 5 different versions available: Standard Lift, High Lift, Vertical Lift, Roof Contour and Low Headroom.


Optionalsingle or double-glazed windows of various configurations and designs are available.Windows can be installed in single or multiple panels.


Exterior: Plastisol coated a colour in our standard range | Interior: White stucco embossed

Special finishes available upon request

High Speed Rapid Roll Doors

  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Perfect for the food industry and warehouse energy efficiency
  • Maintain a steady temperature.
  • Dust, pest and vermin control
  • Wind load Class 3
  • Suitable for high-usage applications

High-speed doors, also known as rapid roll doors, are much faster in operation than traditional roller shutters. Generally situated in partnership with a main roller shutter or sectional door, the high-speed door is designed for high usage during operating hours. When the business isn’t operating, the roller shutter or sectional door is closed to provide security. Manufactured using a specially designed lightweight 3mm thick PVC curtain with a full-width vision window, our high-speed door is the best answer to retain heat in a heated factory or cold in a chilled factory.

With fossil fuels experiencing huge price increases, the cost to heat a warehouse or factory has increased dramatically. Traditional roller shutters and sectional doors are slow and tend to be left open, all the hot air is then lost from this opening. A high-speed door can open at speeds of up to 2m per second and generally open in 4-5 seconds then auto close. This helps to retain heat, or even keep cooled air in, depending on the climate requirements of your industrial unit. Either way, the installation of a high-speed door can substantially reduce a company’s annual energy costs to control the climate in its factory.

Abacus Shutters

Curtain Colours

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • White

Basic Specification

  • 3mm PVC curtain
  • Canopy
  • Wireless safety edge
  • Photocells
  • Weighted bottom rail
  • Plastic breakout tabs


  • High-speed motor (single or three-phase)
  • Digital control panel
  • Manual hand chain override

Optional Extras

  • Remote control
  • Light curtain
  • Radar
  • Wind bars
  • Motor box
  • Fascia
  • Induction ground Loop
Abacus Shutters

Industrial Portcullis Grille

  • High ventilation
  • Ideal for underground / under-croft car parks
  • Designed to withstand the rigours of high usage.
  • Brick bond or In-line pattern
  • Finishes to suit aesthetic requirements.

If you’re looking for a solution to your car park security needs, whether it’s for 10 or 200 parking spaces, the Abacus portcullis grille is the perfect solution.
Boasting an impressive 75% free air zone, it is excellent for providing ventilation to underground / under-croft car parks which helps reduce the amount of mechanical ventilation required.

Comprising of aluminium or steel tubes & links, assorted on steel rods either in a brick bond or in-line pattern. Complete with direct drive or flange-mounted motors, these shutters are ideal for high use.

Our rolling portcullis grille can be interfaced with existing access control/building management systems, radars, or induction loops, and can be controlled via standalone transmitters/proximity fobs with auto-timed closing.

Option for openings that require mixed vehicle/pedestrian use, providing there is enough room, we can install a permanently fixed steel support for our shutter. Reducing the clear width for vehicles but enabling a personnel door to be fitted. This door can come with a wide variety of ironmongery, including panic bars, coded Digi locks and maglocks.

The portcullis car park grille, like all our industrial roller shutters, is compliant with BS-EN regulations for doors with automatic opening and closing. (BS EN 12453:2001). However, our grilles are also fitted with high-level safety to prevent entrapment of any object that could be connected/hangingonto the curtain that could potentially be rolled up inside the casing.

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Industrial Horizontal Sliding Folding Shutter Doors

  • Ideal for large-width openings that other door systems cannot achieve.
  • Perfect for applications with low or restricted headroom
  • Wind load Class 3

We are proud to offer one of the most versatile sectional overhead doors for commercial and industrial buildings available on the market today. With excellent acoustics qualities, thermal insulation, and a range of design and configuration options, we can create bespoke doors for you. Our Sectional Overhead Door is the perfect industrial door for a wide range of buildings.

  • Industrial
  • Aeronautical
  • Nautical
  • Agricultural
Abacus Shutters

Door Assembly

Comprises of vertically ribbed galvanised steel panels arranged to hinge within a heavy-duty galvanised steel collapsible gate and fitted with a robust galvanised steel leadpost which incorporates handles and facilities for locking. Manufactured from hot dipped mild steel to BS 2989 Z2 quality – Certified


306mm wide x 20g steel with 4no. deep swages to give strength.


2no. back-to-back 38mm x 18mm cold rolled from 18g steel.


33mm x 12mm cold rolled from 20g steel.

Lazy Tongs

Mild steel bar 25mm x 6mm to BS 4360/43A Electro Plated Galvanised.

Top Track

Formed from cold galvanised steel and suitably formed to provide robust 60mm x 67mm track section.

Bottom Track

Cold rolled from 10g hot dipped galvanised steel, 42mm wide x 42mm deep fitted with anchoring feet.

Door Suspension

Heavy duty double roller assemblies fitted with ball races and guided in the bottom track with heavy duty cast feet and roller guides.

Jambs & Soffits

Substantially constructed steel jambs (if required) and door soffits are provided to suit the appropriate door arrangement.

NB. Bottom track excavations are required with all sliding shutters, please contact us to discuss this.


  • Standard – Hasp and staple padlocking facilities are fitted to the inside and outside to enable positive locking from either side. Padlock to be provided by others. The staples are fitted to the lead post on a single door.
  • Operating handles and key apertures are provided inside and outside unless otherwise requested.
  • Optional – A five pin deadlock system can be incorporated.

Electric Operation

  • The operator can be supplied for use with either single phase or three phase mains supply. Operators have integral torque limit, micro-switch, drive sprocket mounting bracket and are both compact and robust with a simple but positive clutch adjustment to suit the particular installation, providing reliable and safe operation.
  • The drive is achieved by means of an endless roller chain connected to the lead post and running parallel to the overhead track. Should power failure occur, the door can be converted to manual operation by simply disconnecting the drive chain from the lead post. Site wiring connections (by others) are required to be made from a mains supply isolator (by others) to the operator and control unit.
  • Safety – light beams, through beams, infra-red reflective beams and safety edges
  • Controls – Push button operated switches marked ‘open’, ‘close’ and ‘stop’ are provided for location in the required position.
  • Remote control by photo-electric cells with or without automatic closing by time relays or an induction system operating on radio control principles are available. We shall be pleased to provide advice on a control system when your requirements are known.


Typically finished with galvanised steel as standard, you can choose from a range of standard powder coat coloursfor the panels only.

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