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Making mistakes when it comes to your building’s security is a good way for you to leave your business open to threats. Burglars, arsonists and vandals will all exploit any mistakes that you make to take advantage of your business, so you need to know if you are making any mistakes. We’ve compiled a list of 4 of the most common security mistakes that are made in commercial buildings to help you avoid them.

Prioritising appearance over security

The aesthetics of your commercial building are certainly important and you need to be representing your brand well, but one common security mistake is prioritising the appearance over the security of your building. One of the ways that this mistake is most often made is keeping all of your security hidden. Even just the sight of a CCTV camera, a security guard or a shutter can deter a potential threat. Another way that this is done is by creating hiding places for anybody who is a security risk. Placing trees and bushes around your building may look nice, but it could hide people from your cameras and guards.

Allowing management to ignore security rules

Allowing your management to ignore your security rules is one of the most common security mistakes made by businesses. Your management should not think that they are above these rules and don’t need to wear security badges or remember pass-codes. Not only do they pose a risk themselves by not following the rules but they undermine the rules and increase the likelihood that other employees will ignore the rules too.

Failing to understand your technology

Technology has advanced security a lot, but this is all in vain if you don’t understand how your technology works. If you don’t know how to operate your CCTV cameras then they may not even be recording, or you may not be able to find the recordings when you need to, rendering them useless. If you don’t understand how to properly set your alarm system then it may be switched off when you have a break in.

Ignoring some entrances

People who want to break into your building will consider more than just your front door, so you should too when designing your security system. You may think that an entrance is secluded and will not be considered, but somebody trying to break in will scout your building and find these entrances. Another entrance commonly ignored in security systems is roof entrances. A burglar could easily find a way onto your roof and into your building if you have no security measures up there.

Here at Abacus Shutters, we provide a wide range of security products that can help to reduce the risk of burglary, arson and vandalism to your property. We have everything from fire curtains and roller shutters to burglary bars and residential roller shutters in London. For more information, or to speak to our team about your requirements, no matter how specific they are, contact us on 0845 644 1225.