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We all like to think it could never happen to us, but in truth, none of us can ever be certain we’ll never be the victim of an attempted burglary. According to the Metropolitan Police Service’s official figures, 2014 saw an overall 10% decrease in non-residential burglaries and a 12% decrease in residential burglaries and across the London area. That’s good news, for certain, but would you want to be the exception to the trend?

When you think of places that might need security shutters, you’re likely to picture heavy rollers sliding closed over an expensive jeweller’s shopfront or another high street store. While those are undoubtedly places that need to take precautions, you might be surprised at the kinds of unexpected places that could benefit from the installation of a security door.


Not all burglaries occur from outside the building. Canteens in workplaces and educational institutions can fall victim to vandalism and more, and if you’re the owner of a property like a shopping centre or one of its stores, individual areas and foyers that aren’t populated at all times can be left vulnerable if not properly secured.

Properly securing all sub-properties, niches, nooks and corners with security rollers, barriers and shutters isn’t just good for your peace of mind – it’s reassuring to any tenants too. For canteens, it’s wise to invest in a security shutter over all entrances to the dining area as well as over each servery to prevent unauthorised access.




Have a giggle if you like, but we’ve likely all encountered a vandalised toilet block before, whether it’s a standing public toilet or a works bathroom that was locked too insecurely to keep out a desperate or malicious visitor. Installing a sliding shutter in addition to conventional locks will help ensure there’s no nasty surprises left after hours.



You might not think this is commonly overlooked, but ask yourself – do you have shutters on all your home’s access points? The great majority of homeowners in London still don’t sufficiently protect their houses against intruders and attempted damage.

We at Abacus Shutters specialise in reliable, affordable and sturdy security shutters in London and Essex, and we’re keen to help you protect your home – plus, they’re great for heat and noise insulation too. It’s easier and cheaper than you’d think, so when you’re thinking of places that could benefit from security doors, don’t overlook the place where you sleep.

Garage Side Doors

It’s not only your house that’s a tempting target for burglars. Power tools and gardening equipment aren’t cheap, and sheds and garages can make for a profitable break-in should you leave them vulnerable. If you’ve a sturdy reinforced garage, think about the side access doors too. A heavy roller on the car access door does you no good if all that keeps an intruder out of the side door is a rusty old padlock.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of properties that could benefit from added security. There’s no such thing as too safe, and commercial and residential properties alike can benefit from the full range of security shutters and doors offered by Abacus Shutters throughout the London and Essex area. Contact us via email or on the phone at 0845 644 1225 and we’ll be happy to offer advice.