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Theft from commercial properties is a continuous problem, and as providers of residential roller shutters in London, we understand why it is so important to protect your commercial premises from burglars. Night time is when commercial premises are most at risk; this is because they are more than likely to be left overnight – unless, of course, there is a security guard employed. Burglars will not target a building without planning or without stealing certain items in mind, therefore it is important to know what is likely to be targeted. The most popular items which are stolen from commercial properties include:


In the digital age, every single business is likely to have not one computer, but many – they are an easy target for criminals to steal and sell on to others. Desktop computers, tablets and laptops are one of the most common targets; they can be sold on as parts or resold wholly as new.




Employees travel to work every day therefore criminals can see what cars frequently
arrive there and plot their next target. They will watch to find out schedules; when the car arrives, when it leaves and when it is left alone. Cars are usually stolen to commit other crimes or just as a joy ride. Make sure that car parks are exceptionally secure and cars are always locked.

Petty Cash




Burglars may even break into premises just to steal petty cash; make sure that if any cash is left at the property that it is locked away safely – especially if you’ve had a charity day and have raised more than £100.




Thieves may break into commercial premises to steal keys to other areas of the commercial premises or even vehicles; this is especially common at logistics firms. So ensure that keys are locked up or taken off the premises each night.




Bank statements, contracts and other documents are also a target, as if stolen, thieves can gain access to a lot of personal information. It is important that documents are stored safely both digitally and in hard copy form.

Ensure that all equipment is secure; burglar bars and security doors are an excellent deterrent. Don’t be the next victim of crime as this can cost you time, money and clients.

Here at Abacus Shutters we provide exceptional security enhancing equipment, if you would like further information in regards to our services then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our exceptional team who will be more than happy to help. Call now on 0845 644 1225 to speak to us today.