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The nights are drawing in, the Christmas adverts are coming in thick and fast, and the shops are packed with early Christmas shoppers scooping up the best deals in advance of December.

If you’re a retail business owner, you know how important it is to keep your premises secure, especially during the festive period.

Although you rely on the shop-front looking appealing to draw in customers and conduct business, you quite simply want the opposite once the doors are shut – aiming to deter anyone who’s lurking around for all the wrong reasons.

storefront in shopping mall

It may seem daunting, but there are many great reasons to invest in reliable and durable security shutters, especially as we head into December. Here’s are just some:

Prevent Break-Ins

It may be an obvious one, but security shutters not only make it difficult for break-ins to occur once the shop is shut, they also give potential thieves fewer reasons to break in if your products are hidden from view. Retail security shutters also help by discouraging on-lookers from scoping out easy entry points for breach at a later date.

Keep Shop Fronts Aesthetically Pleasing

Not all shutters have to be unsightly. Many of our range are constructed from aluminium sheet, and the discreet, modern boxes mean your storefront remains aesthetically pleasing, at one of the most important trading times of the year.


Helping you prevent your business from feeling like a freezer when you open up in the morning, the addition of a retail security shutter means your shop traps more heat overnight. Shoppers don’t want to feel as though they have to keep their scarf, coat and hat on when they come into a shop, and with the help and efficient use of a shutter, yours certainly won’t have to.

This is especially useful throughout the festive shopping season when many customers aim to get to the shops early (especially on weekends) and hopefully miss the rush. In essence – if your business is warm and inviting, they’re more likely to stay and shop more, and your staff will thank you too!

For more information, explore our range of security doors and security shutters London or contact us today.