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Ever ponder over what kind of door is best suited to your business? There are plenty of things to consider, of course. Do you go automatic, handle or swing? What colour? And, most importantly, what material? Well, today, Abacus Shutters is going to argue in favour of glass.

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First Impressions

Glass doors are a mainstay in corporate architecture right now. Perhaps because these doors emanate values that businesses want to express. A glass door will give any business a modern aesthetic, creating an atmosphere of transparency and openness and wowing people as they walk in.


If your company has settled on glass, they now have to decide between an automatic, revolving or swing door system. Automatic sliding doors can be installed as a single or a double unit, meaning that this type of door can have an impact on both big and small businesses. Revolving doors, on the other hand, are suited for more upscale upgrading projects. If your business wants a door that will make an impact on your client, the revolving door is perfect for you. In contrast, if you’re looking for a door that can be easily installed at a low-cost, the swing door is what you’re looking for.

What if I Don’t Want Glass?

Glass isn’t for everybody, of course. If you’re more concerned with security and functionality, you should seriously consider steel. Whereas glass is perfect for front of house situations, steel can be perfect for what goes on in the back. Steel offers complete protection and security for your business but still keeps style in mind, making it perfect for situations where glass isn’t appropriate.


We’re not going to try and convince you that glass is stronger than one of our superb steel door sets, but rest assured that Abacus Shutters Limited satisfy all safety standards to the highest possible level. We take pride in keeping up with the times, so if legislation or standards change we will work together with you to find a solution. If you’re in London looking for a security door or a glass door, contact us to upgrade now.