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There are a number of ways you can protect your building from the spread of fire, with the most popular being fire shutters and fire curtains. When it comes to designing modern industrial buildings, fire protection is something which designers increasingly place above building security. However, if you’ve taken on an older building, or feel that the existing fire protection isn’t up to today’s standards, the onus is on you to get it there.

Do you choose a sturdy fire shutter or the flexibility of a fire curtain? Abacus Shutters can supply and fit both of these, but if you’re still pondering which option is the one for you, we’ve put together a quick summary.

Fire Curtains

For rooms or spaces which are accessed internally only (i.e. there are no doors or openings to the outside), you’ll probably find a fire curtain will be more than adequate for your needs. Popular applications include canteens, open plan office layouts, and landings.

Fire curtains are made from fabric which can resist fire and prevent its spread for around two hours. Made from a glass fabric, reinforced with stainless steel wire, the curtain sits in a housing made of steel. In the event of a fire, the curtain drops down, guided into position by the vertical slots on the side of the door.

Of course, being a fabric barrier, curtains are not intended for use where security is concerned, which is why they’re not suitable for exterior doorways. While they can stop fire, they can’t stop an intruder.

Fire Shutters

The fire shutter does everything a fire curtain does, but with the added benefit of being made of metal, and far more difficult for intruders to penetrate. Looking like a conventional security shutter, the fire shutter is installed over doorways or windows, and can be rolled down or up in the same way.

Fire shutters are a safer option if you keep stock or valuable items which require a secure space for storage. Unauthorised staff and unwanted visitors are kept out, and you get protection from fire for up to four hours – double what you’d get from the fire curtain.

Due to the bulkiness of a fire shutter compared to a fire curtain, you’ll need to allow more space for its fittings and fixtures, but if security and a higher level of fire protection are what you want, this is probably the better option.

If you’re still not sure about which option is right for you, we’d be happy to speak to you about your specific requirements. We can take your budget, style and business requirements and give you an impartial answer. Just give us a call on 0845 644 1225 or send us a message via our Contact Us page. We’re your local experts for fire resistant curtains and fire resistant shutters London-wide.