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Security shutters are designed to be unobtrusive, cost-effective and are often the perfect cost-effective way to secure your premises when you are not on site.

But how do roller shutters work, and why are they so effective at protecting from a break in and acting as a powerful deterrent?

Tough, Durable, And Easy To Deploy

Modern security shutters are designed to not only reduce their impact on buildings or shopfronts where they are installed but to provide maximum protection while being easy to deploy and cover. The shutters are comprised of a lattice of slats made from hardened metals like galvanised steel or more cost-effective hard-wearing materials such as Euroflex, allowing for lightweight durability.

Using Physics To Maximise Your Security

Roller shutters are designed to cover a wide surface area and adding space between each individual one allows the shutters to be ‘rolled’ neatly into a tamper-proof box that will sit flush against the side of your building. If an individual attempts to break through the shutter by force, the blunt-force impact of the blow is spread out between these vertebrae that connect the bands of the shutter. This makes it much less likely to deform or break.

For example, think of the shutter like a suit of armour for your building. Where a single solid chest-piece would buckle under impact, chainmail diffuses any impact throughout the body – causing it to be much more resilient to injury. And if cutting tools are used, the toughened plates provide huge resistance against any intrusion.

Flexible Customisation Choices For Your Business

We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the on-site security of any business, which is why we offer a full and complete range of shutters that you can choose from. There may be cases where it wouldn’t be appropriate or cost-effective to deploy a shuttered solution, which is why our range allows you to choose from a number of different options, such as burglar bars, collapsible lattice gates and steel door sets.

While no security measure is 100% intruder proof, choosing a robust roller shutter would force any would-be criminal to expend significant and undesirable time and energy finding a way to break through – greatly increasing their likelihood of being caught, and acting as a powerful deterrent. To learn more about the security shutters London we offer, contact us directly.