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Household energy bills always seem like a source of endless debates amongst unsatisfied property owners, as it is understandably difficult to part with your hard-earned cash each month.

Every utility bill payer is undeniably interested in methods that can help him or her control the costs of energy bills, and this is why the use of roller shutters is a fast-growing aspect of modern property design. Roller shutters have been proven to help manage household and office energy use effectively in many ways due to their weather-friendly characteristics and the type of materials they are made from. This blog will talk about the energy-conserving characteristics of roller shutters and why they are suitable to use all year round.

Winter warmth

Winter temperatures often plummet below freezing point, so it is a common occurrence that people will wake up to the nasty surprise of an ice-cold room as all the interior warmth has escaped due to poorly insulated doors and windows. However, installing insulated roller shutters can contribute towards keeping the heat from escaping. With these shutters installed, you don’t need to have the heating on constantly, thereby controlling heating bills that could have otherwise been hefty.

Summer Insulation

The British weather is simply never up to everyone’s expectations. Although many of us tend to complain about the lack of warm weather, some also go on to complain about the warmth being excessive when we do experience brief episodes of sunshine. Roller shutters are a great solution to this problem as they are a good heat insulator. Many shutters are injected with a thick layer of polyurethane that will help keep unwanted heat out of the house during the scorching summers. Air conditioning can be a primary contributor to your overhead costs, but with these shutters you will be able to keep such costs under control.

Those who have roller shutters on their windows or doors will have experienced the products’ non-seasonal functionality, which makes them a worthwhile purchase. If you are still unsure about roller shutters, contact us at Abacus Shutters on 0845 644 1225, where we can answer any questions you might have about their functions. We are experienced specialists who provide security doors in London as well as security shutters in London.