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To ensure you get the longest life out of your rolling shutter doors it is essential that you take great care in maintaining them. Some basic maintenance tasks can be carried out on a daily basis by anybody, but some tasks will require the use of a specialist. Here is a short essential guide to maintaining your rolling shutters.

Maintenance Frequency

Regular inspection and maintenance by a trained professional is essential to ensure that your doors are safe and reliable when being operated. A check on your doors correlates with the average daily usage as follows:

Up to 15 cycles per day – Checked every 6 months

Up to 30 cycles per day – Checked every 4 months

Up to 45 cycles per day – Checked every 3 months

Over 45 cycles per day – Checked every 2 months

User Maintenance

For the owner of the doors there are basic daily checks that are crucial for prolonging the life of your doors. This includes checking your door for any damage and reporting it immediately. If you get your door promptly repaired it will save unnecessary stress on components that could be heavily affected over time. The rolling shutter should never need excessive force to open or close, so if it ever becomes overly stiff, it’s crucial that it gets seen to immediately.

Specialist Maintenance

When a specialist is called to check your shutters they will carry out a number of tasks, including checking all the fittings and bolts are adequately tightened and working correctly, cleaning of parts and removal of any excess lubricants or adding lubricant if necessary, and an overall check on the doors operation.

Here at Abacus Shutters we can provide much more than just maintenance for your rolling shutters. We are also industry specialists in a wide range of products from fire curtains to security doors in London. Whether you need a maintenance specialist call-out for your rolling shutters or some new security shutters in London, please contact us now on 0845 644 1225.