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Roller shutters are increasingly becoming a popular feature of modern buildings, as more people are now aware of the extensive array of benefits they have to offer. Developments in technology have meant manufacturers like us at Abacus Shutters are able to provide different designs that have enhanced features. It has been proven that you will notice many of these benefits immediately after installing the roller shutters.



Roller shutters are renowned for their security characteristics. They not only protect the home against intruders, but also discourage any burglary attempts. Manufacturers typically use metal or fibreglass during shutter construction and these two materials have incredibly robust attributes. The roller shutters are generally fitted very closely to the walls therefore burglars will endure a tough struggle that is usually unsuccessful if they attempt to break past or pull out the shutters.

Light Control

The beauty of roller shutters is that you have complete control over how much light you can permit to enter your building. Whether you want to blacken the room completely by shutting them or allow a downpour of sunlight into your room for a bright ambience – The choice is entirely yours. The same applies to building or room ventilation. The more you open the shutter the more air circulation you will have in your room.

Noise control

Those that own premises within a busy vicinity will be accustomed to the stress of having to cope with constant noise pollution. These are typically people residing in high-density neighbourhoods or businesses located on the main road. Installing roller shutters can provide you with peace and quiet by finally putting an end to this irritating occurrence. Experts say roller shutters reduce noise levels by up to 50%.

Whether you own a business or a residential property, you will be able to benefit from installing roller shutters to your property. If you would like to enhance your building through roller shutters, contact us at Abacus Shutters on 0845 644 1225. We’ll be able to guide you through product choice, all the way to installation. We provide a wide variety of products including security shutters in London, burglar bars and security doors in London.