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Once you get your business up and running, it quickly becomes the most precious thing in your professional life. Obviously, you want to do everything possible to keep burglars at bay, but like many small business owners, you may not have the resources to install a costly, sophisticated security system. Fortunately, there are still many effective measures you can rely on…

Get Smart Lights

You’ve probably taken various steps in the way of security for your business already: investing in a dependable CCTV network and security doors London. Unfortunately, these things are just another obstacle to most burglars who target small businesses. Creating the illusion that someone’s on your premises, when in fact everyone’s gone home, can be a very effective way to scare criminals off. Smart LEDs can be controlled from your smartphone, and even scheduled to come on briefly at certain times in the night. This can be enough to convince many burglars that your business is a no-go.

Cover Up Valuable Assets

If you’ve got a large, storefront window into your business premises, and every night it’s covered up with a nice big security shutter, you may feel that the whole place is safe. Unfortunately, you’re missing one crucial element from your business security regimen: keeping burglars guessing. If you’re leaving expensive equipment, stock, or any other assets out for everyone to see during the day, your business can easily become a prime target for theft. Just as you’d cover up your valuables in your car, make sure you’re not showboating during business hours.

Think About Your Landscaping

Although a green space outside any business can be a pleasant and attractive sight for customers, it can also bring burglars snooping around. Trees can provide access points to windows, and large patches of dense shrubbery are the perfect place to skulk around, studying the building for weaknesses. Keep a green space outside your premises by all means. Just make sure someone’s tending to it regularly, and get into the habit of seeing your plants from the point of view of a burglar. This alone can save your business from a break-in.

If you’d like to bulk up security at your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.