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Security shutters are an extremely effective way of deterring would-be thieves from targeting your business. So, how do you protect your investment? Here are some top tips on how to extend the life of your security shutters.

Regular Servicing

Investing in the best quality security shutters in London is a good way of ensuring that your shutters will last, but regular servicing is also important to make sure that all parts of the system are functioning correctly.

Any small issues that come to light during servicing should be repaired by one of our qualified contractors immediately so that your business’ protection remains seamless. Remember that small repairs carried out as and when required will work out much more cost effective in the long run than leaving things until the whole system requires replacement.

Use a Qualified, Reputable Contractor

When deciding who to use for the installation, maintenance, and repair of your security shutters, always pick a company with a good reputation locally and look out for testimonials from other satisfied customers. You should also ask the contractor for written proof that they operate in compliance with the relevant industry rules and regulations. The security of your business premises is paramount, so it simply is not worth trying to save a few pounds by using a cheap ‘cowboy’ company.

Warning Signs of Potential Problems

Although security shutters are generally very reliable and won’t just suddenly stop working completely, there are a few warning signs that problems may be in the offing. This is the time to call your contractor to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a real issue.

Listen to your security shutter when it is operating and be aware of any different or new noises it starts to make. If the shutter starts to stick or judder and operation does not happen as smoothly as usual, these can all be signs of possible problems.

Get Expert Support When You Need It

Security shutters are a really effective way to deter thieves and protect your business premises. Keep your shutters well-maintained and regularly serviced to keep them operating perfectly for longer. If you need more advice on supply and maintenance of your security shutters, contact us for a no-obligation chat.