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If you’re responsible for any sort of building, you’ll want to make sure that the only people who have access are those who have your consent. Unfortunately, an empty building can be a magnet for all sorts of trouble, especially if it’s in a desirable area. Burglars, vandals, and squatters see empty buildings as easy pickings. While the former two can be easily dealt with, a squatter can cause you a lot of inconveniences.

What is a Squatter?

A squatter is someone occupying your building without your consent. They can, therefore, cause a lot of expense and stress. They may damage the building, its contents, and cause a lot of ill feelings amongst other neighbourhood residents. In addition, very rarely do you find that only one squatter takes up residence. It’s up to the building owner to evict them, which usually means court orders, bailiffs, and police intervention. If your building is a commercial one, this can mean a lot of wasted business days, and a large financial outlay.

Why Are Commercial Buildings More at Risk?

In 2012, the law regarding squatters changed, and squatters found in a residential building were then at risk of a 6-month prison sentence and a fine of up to £5000. With this in mind, squatters turned their attentions to commercial properties. With the BBC estimating that there were at least 20,000 squatters in the UK, and thanks to rising prices in the property market, it seems likely that this number is only going to increase.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk?

Prevention is definitely better than cure – it’s cheaper, quicker and a lot less stressful than dealing with a squatter. Properly securing your building, whether it’s commercial or residential, really is the best line of defence, and security shutters London are the ideal solution.

Roller shutters, which tuck themselves neatly away can be raised and lowered quickly and easily by authorised users, act as a very good visual deterrent to any squatter looking for a new home. Choose from manual or automatic shutters, which will also protect windows and doors from extreme weather conditions.

Steel doors are another option for the building owner who wants to offer their premises a little more protection. These solid metal doors are designed to look good as well as stand up to even the most determined intruder. At Abacus Shutters, we can install in commercial, domestic or industrial settings, and offer a bespoke solution for each client. We can even provide maintenance, inspection and repair services once the door is installed.

What Next?

It’s time to be proactive and get one step ahead of those unwanted visitors. Squatters are very aware of their rights once they’re inside a property, so keep them out with security shutters. Call us now on 0845 644 1225 or contact us online and let’s talk about how we can help you stop the squatters.