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Installing steel security shutters to protect your property is a great way to reduce your insurance premium. The amount you save will depend on your insurance company and the type of shutters you install, so let’s look at the different options available to you.



Increased Security

As a general rule, the greater the security around your property, the more savings you’ll make. Steel roller shutters give the highest protection to your property by providing a strong physical barrier with no discernible weak points. This can help reduce opportunistic burglaries and reduce the impact of criminal damage such as broken windows.

You may think burglaries are planned but they are often opportunistic in nature; passing criminals will see something inside your premises and break the glass to gain entry. A set of strong steel shutters not only prevents criminals from seeing your valuables, they prevent them from gaining access.


Reduced Fire Risk

By fitting a set of fire retardant shutters you can prevent fire from spreading around your property. A set of fire shutters will provide you with a much greater level of protection against the spread of fire between buildings and your insurance company will lower your premium as a result. Plus, they make your property safer for your staff as well.

To get the biggest benefit, fire shutters should be installed on all external doorways and interconnecting doorways between buildings. If possible you should also connect fire shutters to your fire alarm to automatically close when a fire is detected.


Additional Security Measures

And you don’t have to stop at security shutters; there are a number of other measures you can take to help secure your property and reduce your insurance premiums further.

These include fitting CCTV and burglar alarms, but don’t overlook the basics such as improving locks and replacing defective doors and windows. Fitting locks that conform to the latest BS3621/BS8621/BS10621 security standards can have a big impact on your insurance premium.


Professional Installation in London

To get the biggest savings, it’s always a good idea to consult an expert, if you can prove your shutters were fitted by a professional installer your insurer will reward you with a bigger discount. In fact, depending on the size of your property the money you save will more than likely cover the installation cost in the first 12 months.

At Abacus Shutters we are the number one installer of security shutters and fire resistant shutters in London and the surrounding area. Our professional team will work with you to design and install an effective security shutter to help protect your property and reduce your insurance premium. All our work is fully guaranteed and we’ll supply you with a certificate to prove to your insurance company that your shutters were fitted professionally.

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