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Whether you’re protecting your business’ stock or trying to secure a vacant property against intruders, steel doors act as an unbeatable level of protection for your goods. When you rely on just padlocks and bolts, you could leave your property vulnerable. In contrast, steel doors prevent loss of money through an intrusion and provide unbeatable peace of mind.



The Key Benefits of Using a Steel Door for Your Property

Steel doors benefit from steel reinforcements. Steel carries a high degree of tensile strength, which means only severe compression can work its way through it. In addition, anti-drill locks render them impenetrable to even the most advanced of intruders, allowing them to act as a deterrent even when you’re away from the property for an extended period of time.

To ensure the door you choose is suitable for your property, we provide a bespoke service. In addition, each door is aesthetically pleasing, which means you can strike the right balance between maintaining your business’ image and keeping it secure.


The Types of Properties That Benefit from a Steel Door Fitting

If you own a property that’s not fit for inhabitation or will remain unoccupied for any reason, it’s vulnerable to intruders. A steel door prevents potential squatters or thieves from breaking in, allowing you to keep it vacant until it’s suitable for use again.

In addition, if you own a business that has high-value stock or is prone to damage from weather, the resilience of a steel door adds an extra level of protection.

The Anti-Fire Benefits of Steel Doors

If you’re trying to protect external or internal areas of your property, steel doors reduce the risk of fire spreading. With the right custom fitting, you can eliminate draughts. As oxygen is a key component in fuelling fire, this reduces the risk of it spreading before the fire services arrive. As such doors comply with British Standard 476 Fire Test, they offer protection against fire for up to four hours, giving emergency services sufficient time to reach the property and rectify the situation.

If you find that steel doors aren’t for you, we have an array of other security door solutions London that meet your needs. If you’d like to discuss your property’s requirements further, contact us on 0845 644 1225.