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Beat the Burglar By Thinking Like the Burglar

Burglars will usually go for what appears to them to be the easiest option every time. They will pick the easiest way into the easiest target. Whilst very few places could ever claim to be truly “burglar-proof”, by making your premises tough to break into successfully, the majority of burglars will simply go elsewhere.



Entry Points

How the burglar is going to gain access will be the first thing on their mind and should be yours too. Ground floor windows and doors are ideal ways to gain entry but first-floor windows can also be easily accessible via low roofs, fences, overhangs and furniture such as bins. Doors and windows that are double glazed and locked or behind locked metal security shutters are secure and noisy to even try to break into, vastly reducing the odds of them getting in or getting in unnoticed.


External Lighting

Any sort of external lighting, particularly over potential entry points and approaches to the premises is going to give a burglar second thoughts. Motion sensor lighting is a low-cost and energy efficient way of achieving this that any business can afford. Adequate lighting coupled with visible, multiple CCTV cameras is not an attractive prospect for the would-be burglar. If the only perceived way of getting into a building is attempting to break in whilst illuminated up for anyone and any CCTV to see, they will be reluctant to take the risk and simply go elsewhere.


Secure Lockable Internal Doors

In the event of a burglar gaining access to your premises through a compromised entry point, you want to make it as difficult for them as possible to gain further access. Having strong secure lockable internal doors coupled with an alarm system will not allow them the time it takes to navigate around the building to seek out valuable items. Time is of the essence for a burglar and they will be aware that the longer they spend in the premises trying to break through subsequent doors, the higher the chances are of them being caught in the process.

There are many ways of making your business less appealing to burglars and most of them are very simple. Take a walk around your business premises and look at the things described here as a burglar might see them. Once you have done that, get in contact with us at Abacus to find out how we can ensure that your premises are unappealing to would-be burglars.