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Your garage is often an extension of your home and will house various valuable items. It can be where you store your tools and equipment and can even provide a winter home for your classic or luxurious vehicle. Many homes even have garages that offer a direct entrance to the rest of the house, so ensuring they are protected is essential.

As a leading supplier of security shutters in London, we understand the value of protecting property and the heartache and inconvenience burglaries can cause. Without increased garage security, it could leave your property vulnerable to thieves and opportunists. We explore some of the simple ways you can increase the security on your property.

1. Security Lights

Security lights can be inexpensive to deter thieves and trespassers from entering your garage. These devices come with a motion sensor which activates the light when it detects movements, preventing burglars from being able to hide in the shadows to enter your property. The light will also alert homeowners of a presence, which could make the burglar wary of breaking into a garage with a potential victim aware of their presence. Security lights add an instantly visible element of security, making your property a high-risk home to attempt to enter. Security lights can be set at various perimeters, which means they only activate when there is someone within your property perimeters. They can be as high or low-tech as you choose and can be the most straightforward addition for increasing your garage’s security

2. Security Cameras

CCTV systems have become more accessible with a variety of options. There are simple devices, such as wireless cameras, which can easily be installed on the exterior of a property and can activate live feed to a mobile device whilst recording the video. Whilst these may not prevent burglars from entering on their own, it is a great way to help authorities identify any criminals. Often, the sheer visible presence of these cameras can discourage thieves from fear of being caught. Placing stickers around the perimeter of your property can also make them aware that they are being captured on film. There are wireless options for ease of installation, but wired cameras are an excellent investment for a more secure connection.

3. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Garages are often concealed buildings with very little natural light coming into the space. However, if you have a garage detached from a property, often they will have windows or doors with opaque glass allowing you to see inside the building. This opening can allow burglars to see any valuable items that may be inside. To prevent this from happening, invest in adequate storage of any smaller items and consider covering valuable vehicles and items of interest with large dust covers. Storage options could include cabinets and large storage units. Many homeowners choose to install storage facilities such as kitchen units which can be fairly inexpensive when bought second-hand. Alternatively, consider installing window shutters or even a simple blind or curtain will help prevent viewing the garage’s contents. This simple act of concealing your items can prevent showcasing your garage as a property of interest for thieves, protecting your garage from being broken into.

4. Multi-point Locking Systems

A multi-point locking system provides extra protection for your garage should a burglar try to enter the property. Single lock protection can easily be compromised. However, adding additional locks to your entrances can help secure the property and take thieves much longer to enter the property, giving you time to take action. If you have a standard door to your garage, you can install additional locks at the top and bottom of the door, even adding additional locks on the interior if you often lock the door from the inside, making it more secure. If you only have a garage door, consider adding a locking bolt to where the close is. There are a variety of locks you can install to add security to entrances. Some are inexpensive, whilst others can be sleeker in design and even offer smart functions like NFC abilities or fingerprint scanners. Adding any multi-point lock system is a sure way to increase the security of your property.

5. Shutter Doors

Although installing garage roller shutters may seem like an expensive resolution to increasing your garage’s security, they offer the most secure option for preventing property theft. Acting as a robust physical barrier, it can dissuade burglars from even attempting to access the property. By choosing the likes of our popular garage roller shutters in London, you can increase the strength of your security compared to a standard garage door. These doors offer more durability and are made with heavy-duty materials that can prevent opportunists and thieves from entering your property. Their presence can even provide a high-risk factor to any potential thieves, deterring them from attempting any form of a break-in and increasing the security of your garage.

Your First Choice for Shutter Doors

With many years of experience in providing robust security shutters, we have a vast selection for you to choose from when it comes to increasing the protection of your garage. Our garage roller shutters can help protect against theft and weather, requiring fewer maintenance costs for your property. In addition, since our doors open vertically, it can provide you with even more space in your garage, ideal for homeowners that use their garage to store vehicles, and the space outside of the garage can be used however you choose without compromising on the area. For more information about our selection of garage shutter doors, you can enquire online or call us. We will help you find the perfect garage protection shutter for your property.