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Burglar bars are a security measure installed on vulnerable property access points that may not always require regular entry. For example, they are often used to protect windows of commercial properties that offer natural light but no other function. They can also be customised to suit a range of properties, allowing windows to be opened whilst remaining protective of the access point.

Their ultimate purpose is to prevent unauthorised access to an area or property, but they have a reputation for being rather unsightly. As a reputable provider of burglar bars in London and the surrounding areas, we explore how to minimise the harshness of these devices and how to make them suit your property without reducing the curbside appeal of the building.

The Advantages of Burglar Bars

Burglar bars are low-maintenance physical barriers which can be installed on either windows or doors to protect them from forced entry. Often they are found on commercial properties. However, more recently, there has been an increase in homeowners looking to install these within their properties to help protect the vulnerable access points of their homes without blocking out natural light.


These devices offer increased security for your property and are made from robust materials such as steel or iron, which can prevent access to criminals and unauthorised personnel. Even the simple visual presence of burglar bars can make your property high risk to thieves, providing a deterrent from attempting access. However, they are also very cost-effective as, most of the time, they require no movement, which minimises the maintenance of more complex devices which require mechanisms, saving you money over time. Furthermore, even if you require them to manoeuvre, the components needed to make them move often are low maintenance.

Pick Your Material

One of the most efficient ways to improve the look of the burglar bars you may be looking at for your home and business is through the various materials they can be made from. Although many of these fixtures are often made from steel, you could choose a more visually appealing material that may suit your exterior’s aesthetics. For example, suppose you have a victorian style property which still showcases the period’s features, perhaps wrought iron would be more fitting. Alternatively, if you have a more modern complex, then steel would offer the ideal material to protect your windows and doors whilst still keeping into the visual style of the building.

Customise Your Style

The advantage of metal burglar bars is that they are robust and offer extreme strength to protect your windows and doors. However, these bars can be custom-made to your order, which means they can be designed to offer a more visually appealing look, should you desire. For example, you could choose fixed mesh grills instead of window bars. These offer the same advantages as burglar bars but are not as bold and offer subtlety. This would be ideal for residential properties that may not wish to draw focus to the bars as part of the property’s exterior. Alternatively, the bars could be moulded to appear as more of a building characteristic with unique shapes and designs.

Embrace Them as a Decorative Element

Whether you have chosen to install them to protect your home or business instead of looking to blend them into the current features of the outside of your property, they could become a decorative feature. For example, using growing plants and painting them a colour of your choice could make them appear as a design choice rather than a security measure while protecting your property from unwanted thieves. Embracing the bars could also help you increase the value of your property, as these robust security devices offer the best protection for vulnerable access points whilst offering a decorative asset to the property.

Match the Colour to Your Window and Door Frames

Whilst making a feature of them could be ideal for residential properties when choosing burglar bars for your business, you may wish to choose a more subtle approach. As experts in burglar bars, we regularly install these devices, which match the colour of the surrounding door frame. This is the perfect option if you are confident in the effectiveness of burglar bars but wish to add an element of subtle design to the exterior of your property. In addition, our burglar bars can be installed within the interior of your property, so matching them with the original door frames offer a more aesthetically pleasing style whilst still offering the desired protection for areas of the property you may wish to protect from the general public. For example, our burglar bars can be used in storage rooms and warehouses.

Alternative Options to Burglar bars

Whilst burglar bars are extremely effective at preventing your windows and doors from being entered unlawfully, there are many other options to consider if you feel they aren’t a right fit for your property. As leaders in high-quality roller shutters in the London area, we can provide you with burglar bars, but we can also recommend roller shutters, which can offer a fantastic alternative for commercial properties. These can be retracted whilst not in use, providing your business with more flexible protection and looking much more understated than permanent bars.

Protect Your Property with Abacus Shutters

Whether you are looking to protect your commercial or residential property, we have a variety of options which can offer excellent choices. Securing your building can be challenging, but with the help of our many products, we can provide you with peace of mind that your home or business is secure in your absence. For more information and to speak about your needs, please get in touch with us. Our experts are ready to help you ensure that your possessions and properties are safe while you may not be there.