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Protecting a business is a number one priority for every business owner. Finding a feature that guarantees to help keep out extreme weather or unwanted thieves can be challenging when it comes to bricks and mortar. There are many options of shutters which can be installed to help protect your business, and today we will be exploring the benefits of sliding folding shutters and whether they are secure enough to keep your property safe.

What Is a Sliding Folding Shutter Door?

A sliding folding shutter door is remarkably like a roller shutter in that it provides excellent protection to a building but closes horizontally instead of vertically. These are ideal for businesses with little space above the doors or windows for a roller shutter. Alternatively, they are suitable for companies that may not constantly require the entire exit to be open.

For instance, sliding folder shutter doors are helpful in aircraft hangers where the width of the exit is needed to allow the coming and goings of aircraft. However, daily operations, including maintenance, do not need the full extent of the opening. Other uses of these kinds of shutters are within large shopping centres where roller shutter mechanisms may not fit above the entrance to the shop.

Why Do Businesses Choose to Install Sliding Folding Shutters?

Firstly, most business owners prioritise the energy efficiency of the doors. This feature can help reduce energy costs, which is excellent for your overheads and the environment, as you will cut down on the energy you require. Additionally, the doors offer a flexible horizontal opening, which minimises heat escaping and chilly air entering your premises.

London is known for its high premiums for space, whether as a purchased property or rental space. These kinds of shutters offer the most space utilisation, which is ideal considering the cost of available space in the capital. Our sliding folding shutter doors can maximise utilising your space without large mechanisms above the doors. They can also be favourable due to their cleaner aesthetics. Unlike roller shutters, their horizontal designs make them more appealing as there are no bulky components and they can be opened and closed to suit the needs of the building.

The Security of Sliding Folding Shutters

Whilst there are many advantages of sliding folding shutters, one feature that is paramount to them being chosen for properties is their secure ability to protect property. The predominant reason a business will purchase a shutter door is to ensure that the contents and their business are fully protected in their absence from the building. So, when it comes to sliding folding shutters, do they offer the same protection as a standard steel roller shutter?

Our sliding folding shutters are installed using a top track and multiple lock systems. The top track is the mechanism which the curtain hangs from and is usually made from aluminium, or, for more heavy-duty applications, they can be made from steel. These top tracks are secured into the structure’s ceiling and can even be recessed into the frame or ceiling to minimise viability. The curtain hangs from its rod through a system of hangers and rollers. This allows the shutter to slide horizontally along the rail. Some sliding folding shutters also offer a bottom track for the ultimate security, but even without this track, they are reasonably durable. These mechanisms withstand external forces, including heavy weather and attempted forced entry. The curtains can be made from heavy-duty steel and, when locked into place, can be extremely difficult to move.

The Features of Sliding Folding Shutters

Unlike our roller shutters, sliding folding shutters can provide installation flexibility. For example, these shutters are the perfect solution if you want protection for individual countertops, such as medicinal counters or spaces. The tracks can be custom-made to your area, allowing for curves and corners, which roller shutters are incapable of.

They are usually installed without a motor, which minimises jams and the shutter becoming stuck and unusable. However, if you require something electrical to make the operational use much easier for a variety of staff who may be opening and closing, they can work just as well. This feature highlights the flexibility these shutters can offer a multitude of businesses. For example, they can close off areas for designated personnel or protect an entire property.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Sliding Folding Shutters?

Any business can take advantage of these shutters. Due to their nature, they are entirely flexible to your needs and have been used in the following sectors:

Travel Industry

From shutting away trains during downtime to the various franchises in duty-free, sliding folding shutters can protect numerous sections and areas. Many cafes and shops located within train stations and airports often use these shutters to protect businesses, counters, or stock rooms when they are not in use.


Many retail properties, particularly within shopping centres, prefer sliding folding shutters to protect their businesses, as they are much more aesthetically appealing and a little more subtle than some roller shutters.


Again, hospitality within larger department stores and shopping centres will often use sliding folding shutters to shut down their area when the surrounding environment is still open. They can also close off storage rooms with stock or staff belongings.

Automotive Sector

Sliding folding shutters are excellent for garages where you may not require full access to the entrance or exit. For example, if you have a large opening to allow cars to safely enter and exit but find yourself getting cold, a sliding folding shutter can be opened and closed as you require to keep away the bitter weather.

Warehouse Industry

Many warehouses need sizable entrances and loading bays to take in large stock supplies. However, to help keep out the weather or non-authorised personnel, these may need to close slightly or shut entirely. A sliding folding door can do this easily, even allowing smaller openings for personnel to pass through whilst protecting from extreme weather.

Regardless of what industry you may be in, there are many benefits of installing sliding folding shutters. As a leader in shutters in London, we have the experience to provide high-quality and robust protection for your business. So, even if you are considering roller shutters, we can provide you with all the options suited to you. For more information on our range of shutters, feel free to enquire online, and we will be happy to help.