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There are a number of different sectors in which business premises security is vital. Offices, industrial, motoring… However, it’s particularly vital in the retail sector. Here are some of the main reasons why.

It Can Help You Protect Your Stock

Even smaller retail business can often have tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of stock on their premises. In larger companies – or in certain markets – this number is often up in the millions.

By installing high-quality security shutters, burglars are more likely to be deterred from breaking into the premises, and stock is less likely to be stolen.

It Can Lower Insurance Premiums

Rent costs and leases on retail premises can be substantial. As a result, any change you can make to reduce additional costs can help improve profits. By installing a high-quality shutter system in your retail premises, it’s very likely that your future insurance costs will go down, due to your provider seeing the premises as less likely to suffer damage.

For a one-time investment, you can lower your insurance costs for potentially years to come, giving you a very positive return on your initial spend. What’s more, the cost of security will usually be deductible at the end of the year.

It Can Improve Staff Safety 

No-one wants to work in an environment that doesn’t feel safe. By making your business premises more secure, you’re decreasing the risk of your employees ending up in any kind of dangerous situation whilst working.

For a relatively minor cost, you can increase their peace of mind, and as a result, you stand a better chance of holding onto your most valuable team members.

You Don’t Have to Worry About the Look

In the early days, roller shutters were all gun-metal grey and, to be honest, didn’t look great. These days, it’s very common for roller shutters to be designed in such a way that, when they’re down, doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of the store at all.

Essentially, your additional security system can be kept ‘on-brand’ and your store will look great even when it’s locked-up and secure.

If you’re interested in having robust security or fire resistant shutters London installed in your store, please get in touch with a member of our team today.