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When it comes to safety and theft prevention at an affordable price, security shutters and doors are unparalleled. They don’t just act as deterrents; they also have the durability to keep even the most determined of intruders on the outside. Here are four types of property that could benefit from the installation of such products:

1. Retail Outlets

Both the largest shops on Oxford Street and the smallest corner shops in the wider Metropolitan areas benefit from having security shutters London installed. This not only ensures that shops are intact when owners return in the morning but protect them from losing vital stock to theft.

2. Schools

Schools need robust security measures in place to ensure there is no disruption awaiting teachers right before pupils arrive in the morning. Schools also benefit from security doors London to as measures that prevent the public from gaining unwarranted access to students, these security doors provide protection and safety for those within the school.

3. Factories

Due to the amount of stock and raw products situated in industrial settings, factories can often become targets of committed gangs. As such, it is incredibly important to have the proper security measures in place to prevent such theft. Definitely consider purchasing fire resistant shutters London as these can double up as safety precautions against any arson or accidents involving flammable material.

4. Office Blocks

As we grow more and more dependent on technology, our dependence on electricity also continues to grow. As such, the modern office block is filled with all sorts of sockets and wires, including those from outside sources (e.g. phone chargers and laptop cables). With so much valuable technology on display, and with so many uncontrollable elements at play here, the wisest thing to do would be to purchase fire shutters London, solutions to help stifle both theft and electrical fires.

These are just four types of property that could benefit from security doors and fire resistant security shutters – but there are many more. If you have concerns about your property, Abacus Shutters is here to help with cost-efficient solutions. Just contact us on 0845 644 1225 or email today.