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When the holiday season is upon us, more businesses are shutting down for long bank holiday weekends and ensuring that employees get to enjoy a proper break. But when the premises are empty, the risk of burglaries increases. So what are the steps you need to take to ensure your premises are safe and secure?

Install security shutters

Good security shutters in London that have been professionally installed will provide a vital layer of protection against prying eyes, would-be burglars and the threat of raids. They send out a powerful signal that your premises is protected – especially when combined with a security camera.

Risk assessments and procedures

Carry out a risk assessment and document it using a quality management system such as ISO 9001. Make sure all of your staff are adequately trained in every security procedure that applies to them.


Have dedicated security-related staff or build those responsibilities into team workflow. For example, you need experts in physical security, IT and network security, data security and so forth.

Physical security

Review and strengthen all entry points with the right doors, windows, locks and cameras. It is worth assessing the company premises with fresh eyes to see what a potential intruder would see.


Know who is on your premises with a robust process for identifying staff and visitors. Sign visitors in and out, ensure everyone is wearing a badge and use swipe access for sensitive areas.

Clear desks

Give staff locks and lockers and set a clear desk policy for day end, so that equipment, files and materials containing sensitive corporate data are not left around.

Hands inserting keys in door lock

Invest in security

Invest in excellent network and IT security so that firewalls are in place and employees are following data security good practices.

Check and check again

Regularly review your security processes to look for weak spots. Invite an external security consultant to review your approach and advise on potential improvements.

Demonstrate your approach

Advertise the fact that you are a secure business with clear symbols of security – an obvious CCTV camera, a clear signing in and welcome process at reception, visitor and staff badges, swipe access and so forth. Done correctly, this will not put customers off as you will be demonstrating your commitment to running a safe and secure operation, in which their data is kept confidential and without fear of compromise.

What steps will you be taking to safeguard your business this summer? To find out more, contact us today.