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Arson attacks cost UK companies millions each year in damage to premises, lost stock and in disruption to business operations.

So how can you protect your London-based business from arson?


Fire Detection Systems

If a fire breaks out overnight and is undetected, it rapidly burn unchecked through a premises. A fire detection system that is connected to the local emergency services so that a fire can be tackled as quickly as possible is therefore essential.


Fire Prevention Systems

In the event that an arsonist strikes and fire breaks out, a sprinkler system could save your business. Always ensure that fire extinguishers are readily available to your staff and make sure that extinguishers are appropriate to the type of flammable material in your premises.


Remove Ignition Sources

The majority of arsonists are opportunist, spur-of-the-moment offenders. Make sure that there are no piles of flammable or combustible materials left lying around the perimeter of your premises that could be used to fuel a fire.

Bins are a popular target for arsonists and it’s frightening how quickly a fire can spread from a bin to the main building. Always keep bins securely stored well away from buildings.

Letter boxes can also be used to post fire bombs or flammable liquids into your buildings. Either opt for external, lockable post boxes or ensure that the letter box flap is locked at night and covered by a fire security screen. You might also want to consider fitting a metal box over the letter box to catch any unwanted material that’s posted in.

Safe Storage

If you use oil, petrol or gas in your business processes, be sure that it’s stored securely where an intruder cannot access it easily.


Secure the Premises

Although most arson attacks are initiated from outside of a building, be sure that windows and doors are locked overnight and have fire shutters fitted to prevent lit materials and petrol bombs from being thrown into your premises.

Delegate one of your employees with the task of checking that doors and windows are secure before the end of the working day.


Control Who Can Come Into Your Premises

A secure perimeter fence may be appropriate for your site to allow you to control who can enter the premises. Remember that if you have a large site, a would-be arsonist could easily wander around undetected during the day, as well as at night when the business is closed.


In conclusion

Fire shutters could help to prevent arson attacks on your London premises. For more information, contact the helpful experts at Abacus Shutters.