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A security false alarm is when a security system is activated for no apparent reason. It’s something that can be a costly and frustrating problem for a lot of businesses. It can be extremely disruptive if it happens during working hours.

It also takes emergency services away from real emergencies. If it happens too often, it can make your business more vulnerable to crime.

Whilst sometimes they can be triggered by something outside of human control, there are certain steps you can take to lower the possibility of it happening to your business. We’ve put together some essential advice.

Fire Alarm near door fire exit door

Compulsory Training 

One of the most effective ways to prevent false alarms happening within your company is to bring in compulsory training for all of your employees. All staff should be trained on the precise way to correctly operate every part of the security system.

They should be trained to fully understand the opening and closing procedures when it comes to activating and deactivating security alarms. Make them aware of which doors to use, what codes are needed for different areas of the business and how to avoid unnecessarily triggering anything.

They should also be made aware of the importance of checking (and checking again) to make sure all doors and windows are fully closed and locked at the end of shift.

Routine Maintenance 

You should schedule in regular maintenance of your security. This generally means checking to make sure that everything is in working order and that nothing could be the cause of a false alarm. This includes checking for dead batteries – they are only made to last for a specific amount of time.

Where possible, you should upgrade your old security products. This automatically reduces the risk of a false alarm happening – technology is constantly improving for the better.

If you do find any problems, you should contact your security provider ASAP.

Man Fixing CCTV Camera

Keep Everyone in the Know

It’s essential that you keep everyone up to date with any changes that are made when it comes to your security system. This includes giving everyone the new codes when you change them (something that should be done regularly for security reasons). Codes should be changed every time an employee leaves the company. It’s important that you keep all staff informed of these changes; otherwise you might find that one of them accidently triggers an alarm by mistake.

It’s also important to keep your security company updated with any sudden changes in your security procedures. For example, if your business is staying open for a lot later than usual, it’s essential that you let your security monitoring company know this information.


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