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Retail theft continues to be a huge problem in the UK, with millions of pounds being lost every single year. Retail business owners are frequently targeted by burglars and shoplifters. This highlights the need for improved security across the industry.

A break-in can have devastating consequences, including loss of stock, money and trading time.

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To reduce the risk of theft in your business, we’ve put together some important security tips to consider.


The front, back and interior of your retail store should be adequately well lit at all times. You don’t want to leave the inside of your store completely dark when you leave at the end of the day. The reason behind this is to deter people from thinking it will be an easy place to break into unnoticed – lighting will definitely put them off.

Regularly Change Your Alarm Codes

Alarm codes to your business should be changed regularly. We suggest changing them every couple of months but definitely after someone has left the company. Not all employees leave on good terms. This also reduces the chance of would be thieves gaining access to your premises after coming across the correct code or after an employee accidently leaving important information around.

Install a Security System

As a retail business in which large amounts of money are kept on the premises, it would be extremely foolish to not have the most up to date security system in place. Security systems are designed to keep you, your employees, your stock and your money safe. You want a system that monitors all activity in and around the store. It’s impossible for you to be everywhere at once, but with cameras, alarms and motion sensors, you can definitely monitor everything that happens.

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Secure Your Doors & Windows

We just wrote a blog about the benefits of steel doors and it couldn’t be more appropriate than when in relation to retail doors. It’s essential that you invest in doors and windows that are strong, sturdy and durable. They should have deadlocks that are properly locked when the shop isn’t open.

We also suggest looking into burglar resistant glass. This can be used in exterior doors and windows to deter burglars away from your store. It’s used in a lot of areas with reported high crime, as it proves almost impossible to break without a huge beating.

Roller shutters are also an excellent option. They are affordable and flexible – you can have them designed to meet the specific needs of your retail business.


Update your business security today with Abacus Shutters. Specialising in high quality and reliable security solutions, we can help you protect your retail business in the best possible way.

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