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Steel roller security shutters are an ideal choice for improving the security of business premises, and they offer several other advantages. For example, our steel roller shutters are made of galvanised steel, meaning they won’t rust no matter how bad the weather conditions.

This makes them a durable and long-lasting security option for any business. But these are just two of the benefits you gain when investing in security shutters. When choosing the right design for your business, you’ll find that they can provide more.



Security roller shutters are a visual deterrent and provide a substantial obstacle to anyone thinking about gaining access to your premises. In addition, they are a great security feature as criminals would be more likely to move on to premises with more straightforward access points.


Fitting steel shutters help provide business owners with peace of mind when they are away from the site. So you can enjoy weekends and long bank holiday breaks away from your business property and be confidently relaxed knowing that your premises will be safe and protected during your absence.


Commercial security shutters are durable and reliable and don’t require much regular maintenance. This makes them a dependable and cost-effective security system that will last a long time and will always be effectively available for use daily.

red shutter door

Shutter door or rolling door red color, night scene.


Our Insurflex roller shutters effectively reduce heat loss from buildings and can cut energy bills substantially by providing an added layer of insulation. They also offer substantial protection against storms or wind from damaging your property.


Roller shutters are ideal for high-street shops. They deter vandals and criminals. Roller shutters protect store windows and reduce the necessity for constant window cleaning. They can safeguard your windows and door from casual vandalism by people out on the town in the evenings or at weekends.

The risk of burglary at any business is a genuine concern for any business owner. That is why we at Abacus Shutters strive to offer a reliable shield for your property with our superior roller shutters. Our Secureflex roller shutters’ pre-galvanised steel exteriors are highly durable against cutting. The longer your shutter can keep them out, the more they consider giving up.


red security shuttersHigh-quality security shutters should come with a specific rating for accreditation. This can include SBD (secured by design) or an LPS 1175 security rating between levels 1-4.

LPS 1175 is a security test that assesses how much protection your security shutter provides. The building research establishment conducts the trial, where they will measure the amount of time it takes to make a hole big enough for a person to enter. The test is performed by a professional who understands the complete specification and capabilities of the shutter design.

The results are given an identification from SR1 to SR4. These represent the various increasing levels of effort an intruder would have to exert to break in, the higher the rating on the shutter the more effort your shutter can resist.

  • SR1 shutters are rated to prevent an opportunist attack. This is when a person is attempting minimal force to gain entry as quickly as possible (within one minute). For example, they could be using hand tools such as screwdrivers, knives or pliers.
  • SR2 shutters can resist more determined criminals who have arrived more prepared. They will want to commit to breaking within 3 minutes using bolt cutters, drills and other more powerful tools.
  • SR3 shutters can prevent deliberate forced entry into your protected property. They will use physical force in conjunction with various tools such as axes, chisels, crowbars and even gas torches for up to 5 minutes.
  • SR4 shutters have the most robust rating for a security shutter. An SR4 rating can resist attempts at forced entry with powerful tools such as sledgehammers, disc grinders and jigsaw power tools.

Knowing the rating of your shutter is essential when choosing the right one for your security. For example, aluminium shutters will reach level 2, but steel shutters will go as high as 4, a significant increase that you may want to invest in.



At Abacus Shutters, we supply a range of shutters, fire shutters, steel door sets and fire curtains to businesses in the London area.

If you’ve decided to invest in your business’s security, then please browse our selection of commercial security shutters and security roller shutters designs online today. We offer a range of expertly made, high-quality security shutters that can significantly increase the security of any entrances for your business. Our customers consist of commercial buyers who want to prevent crime and minimise the risk of vandalism.

We offer a varied selection of other shutters, such as steel, aluminium, insulated and high security. Additionally, we provide high-quality portcullis grilles.

Contact us to learn more about how our range of shutters and other security products could assist your business with its specific protection needs. Our expert team is available to answer any of your questions about security in London and the Home Counties.