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Although a main focus of our business is on safety and security shutters, we also cover a wide range of other equipment for a range of purposes and businesses. At Abacus Shutters, we have a strong stock of parking security products that can be implemented very well in car parks and external areas of all descriptions: these items will provide valuable safety measures for drivers, residents, staff and pedestrians alike.


Parking Barriers

A parking barrier allows your business to stagger the flow of traffic in or out of your car park, and provide a place to dispense tickets, receive identification and exchange cash if necessary. Our parking barriers can be operated using anything from proximity readers to remote control and are an excellent means of providing your business with external security measures with very little in the way of upkeep.

Security Gates

Security gates are ideal for residential areas, providing a barrier from outside motorists or entrants without disturbing the overall aesthetic of the location, or those within it. Available in ornate and attractive designs, our security gates are subtle and unobtrusive in their aesthetic, while remaining durable. We also offer superb sectional doors for your warehouse or business, and pride ourselves on meeting the needs of individual requirements and premises.

Posts and Bollards

Posts and bollards are a cheap and effective deterrent for drivers – a preventative, visible item that also provides a sturdy barrier in the event of a collision. Our posts and bollards come in a range of telescopic and non-telescopic designs, allowing either for a durable, permanent feature, such as our steel hoop barriers, or a versatile, adaptable fixture that can be erected quickly and easily. Available in a range of highly visible colours, or in a traditional, ornate design, our posts and bollards are well suited to any area that requires them.



If you are in any doubt as to the best parking control solutions for your Essex or London business, contact us today for friendly, expert advice on your requirements.