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We hope that you never have to experience your house being broken into and burgled. However, the sad facts are; it happens and it could happen to anyone. Odds are that you probably know someone who has had to go through the ordeal of dealing with a burglary. Therefore, you will know that it can have a lasting effect on people – often making them terrified to be in their own home.

Whilst we hope it never happens, we do think it’s extremely important to know what you should do if you ever find yourself in this traumatising situation. A burglary can leave you feeling lost and vulnerable, so it’s important to take the appropriate steps so that you can start to put the nightmare behind you.

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Call the police

Most burglaries take place whilst you’re out of the house, so you often return home to find out that your house has been broken into. The first thing you should do is leave the house and call the police. You shouldn’t make the phone call in the house, just in case you interrupted the criminal and he is still inside. This is for your safety, so it’s something that is very important to listen to. If you’re in the home at the time of the break in, call the police as soon as possible and don’t touch anything. A surprising number of people don’t even call the police, believing that it’s pointless now that the thief has gotten away. You don’t know whether they will catch them or not, so it’s always a good idea to alert the police straight away – for the best possible chance of recovering your belongings.

Make a list of everything taken

The police will more than likely ask you to this anyway, but you should make a list of everything that seems to be missing from your home. You should also write down the value of each item, as it will make it easier when having to deal with the insurance later on. This might be the last thing that you want to do, but it’s much better getting it over and done with.

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Get your house secure

There isn’t any point dwelling on what has happened and what you could have done to prevent it happening – you should spend this time being proactive and getting your house safe and secure. As a security company who specialises in security solutions such as roller shutters in London, we are often called out to help protect peoples home and businesses after a break in. By implementing high quality security measures to your home, such as alarm systems, you are allowing yourself to feel more secure in the home and preventing it from happening again.

Talk to friends and family

You’re going to be feeling upset and distressed, but you don’t have to suffer through it on your own. Talk to your friends and family; tell them how you are feeling and let them help you out. If you live alone, get someone to stay with you for a while. People often don’t want to stay in a house after a break in, but it’s your home and you shouldn’t be driven away.

Cheering up

Just remember that you aren’t the only person that this has happened to, and there is no point blaming yourself for what has happened. Secure your home and try to put it behind you.

Have you recently experienced a break in and want to secure your property with high quality and affordable security measures? Perhaps you want to prevent it happening at all? Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to invest in your safety. Give Abacus Shutters a call on 0845 644 1225 and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions or discuss your options with you.