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When it comes to protecting your business premises, it’s not just burglary and forced entry that you need to worry about, but mindless vandalism. Creating a successful brand relies on you crafting an image of reliability and trust in your consumers, and acts of vandalism can undermine this perception of your business.

The likes of broken windows and graffiti certainly doesn’t strike confidence in the public that your business is a place where they can feel safe and secure using your services. It can prompt people to look for business elsewhere, leading to a loss in profits and a drop in investment in the area.

It can be difficult to understand the reasons for the mindless acts of vandalism that don’t warrant any financial gain for the perpetrators, but with roller shutters you can help protect your business from different kinds of vandalism.



Scrubbing graffiti from windows is no easy task, but roller shutters can be used to protect them. Whilst your shutters may indeed get graffiti on them instead, it is much easier to clean-up the front of shutters than it is the glass of windows.

Also, whilst your premises is open for business during the day, the shutters will be rolled away and the graffiti hidden, so even if you don’t get around to getting it cleaned for some time, the front of your business will still be in great condition with no graffiti in sight. Once you are able, you can clean the graffiti off the shutters and resume business as normal. If you have to pick between the windows and walls of your premises being covered with graffiti compared to just your shutters, the shutters are the obvious preference.

Smashed Windows

Whether from an attempted forced entry or just a random act of violence, smashed windows are a sure-fire way to create a lot of problems for your premises. Broken windows need to be repaired straight away for safety and security reasons, but they also look terrible and ignite that same sense of mistrust and unease that graffiti does in the consumer.

If your windows are being broken on a routine basis, the cost of continuously replacing them can quickly add up, so protect them with roller shutters. Shutters protect your windows from being broken and keep your assets safe, they can also improve your insurance premiums.

Smashed Window

Unnecessary Cleaning

Many industrial properties can come under attack at the weekend. If your establishment is near bars, clubs and takeaways, or the likes of commuting routes to and from these, such as a train station, then you might be familiar with cleaning up the remains of a messy weekend on a Monday morning. With roller shutters, you can protect the front of your premises from being pelted in fast food or drink, ensuring that it stays pristine and eliminates any unnecessary cleaning from your routine.

Psychological Deterrent

Businesses that are the most frequently targeted are the ones that are viewed as easy targets. It’s simply logical that vandals would go after premises with poor security and that are easily accessible. With very visible and prominent security features, such as drawn roller shutters, you create a very real, physical barrier to your premises that not only helps to protect it, but helps to prevent people targeting your building in the first place. The sight of secure roller shutters covering your business windows immediately signals to potential attackers that they won’t be able to get through, which will deter them away from your premises.

Shutter door

If you’re looking for premium roller shutters in London, look no further than Abacus Shutters. Our roller shutters are brilliant for use in industrial settings, offering complete privacy and an additional layer of protection from vandalism and unwanted break-ins. Our bespoke range of shutters guarantee high-quality levels of security and can also help to maintain temperatures and reduce noise coming in from outside.

We have a fantastic range of security roller shutter systems available for those who want to improve their security in industrial and commercial settings. No matter what your priorities are, be it aesthetics, performance, reliability, safety or helping with your energy efficiency, our extensive range of roller shutters mean that you are guaranteed to find the perfect security solution.