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Getting burgled is a horrible experience. It can leave you feeling angry, sad, scared, and confused – a lot of different emotions all at once.  Whilst many people will understand what it feels like to have something stolen, it’s not until your house is broken into, that you truly understand the emotional effects that come with this horrible breach of privacy.

How you react will be different for everyone, people deal with situations in different ways. Just remember that what happened wasn’t your fault and that what you’re feeling is completely normal.

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Here are some of the most common feelings that people experience after a break in.


A lot of people admit that they don’t feel safe in their own home after experiencing a break in. Your house being burgled shows that it was easy for someone to get into your home – somewhere you considered as being safe beforehand. Therefore, it makes sense that you may feel scared to be in there.

Did it happen whilst you were in the house? This often makes it worse – what if it happens again?

It’s not uncommon to feel like you can hear noises all the time, or find yourself jumping at something normal like the phone ringing.


Feeling angry after a break in is normal. Someone has broken into your property, invaded your privacy, and stole your possessions – we would be surprised if you weren’t feeling angry!

You may be angry with the burglar, angry with the police if they haven’t caught the intruder yet, or even angry with yourself for it happening in the first place.

In a lot of cases, the burglar is never caught, which is when a lot of couples turn on each other. You should try and avoid this happening – it isn’t anyone’s fault.

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Loss of Trust

A burglary means that someone has come into your home uninvited and taken things that belong to you. Therefore, it’s normal that you may feel like you can’t trust people as much as you could before. You may find yourself becoming suspicious of strangers in the street, or even your neighbours who you’ve always been friendly with before.

Some people end up isolating themselves from people, choosing to stay indoors alone more than usual.

For those who find out that the break in was committed by someone they know, they often feel like they can no longer trust their own judgement.


Just remember that you can’t change what has happened – but you can prevent it happening again. High quality security can ensure your property is well protected, so that you don’t have to worry about going through the horrible experience again.

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