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Vandalism can be a huge problem for small businesses and it can detract from the professionalism and appearance of your property as well as costing you a huge amount to repair. A single act of vandalism is like a ripple in a pond and will often lead to more vandalism, so here we explore the ways in which you can protect your business property from vandals.

Burglar Forcing Window with Crowbar

Identify the Weaknesses

The first step is to look at your business through the eyes of a vandal. Consider how you would harm your property if you were a vandal intent on doing so without getting caught. Commonly vandals will smash windows and you can stop this with security shutters in London. Likewise you can prevent graffiti with anti-graffiti paint. If you approach your property with the mindset of damaging it then you will instantly see the value in investing in security doors in London too.

Deter Criminals

No one wants to get caught committing criminal acts so if you can make them think that there is security protecting your building then they will be less likely to attack it. Simply adding security shutters in London to your building will deter vandals as it will make it appear that you are taking security seriously. Adding a real or fake CCTV camera to the vulnerable side of the property can also have the same effect of increasing the sense of security.

React Immediately

Vandals want their destruction to be put on display so one of the best deterrents is to remove this immediately and take away their pleasure in the act. By destroying their vandalism straight away you will be able to reduce their pride in the act and devalue it. Leaving their ‘tag’ on the wall for months will only buoy their sense of achievement and will make it more likely that they will reoffend if you do remove it after a long period.

Invest in Security

Making an investment into security can help to remove the blight of vandalism from your business property. Visible security improvements like the installation of fire shutters in London will deter vandals who do not wish to be caught and responding immediately to vandalism will diminish the rewards. If you experience vandalism it is vital that you stamp it out immediately. Contact us today for more advice and information.