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Alfred Hitchcock, one of the world’s greatest film-makers, was highly aware of the importance of secure window coverings. He was quoted as saying that “nine out of ten people, if they see a woman across the courtyard undressing for bed, or even a man puttering around in his room, will stay and look; no one turns away.They could pull down their blinds, but they never do; they stand there and look out.”

This is, of course, the underlying premise of his cinematic masterpiece, Rear Window, where the peeping Tom, played by Jimmy Stewart, spies on his neighbours. It would have had an entirely different storyline had Abacus Shutters been on set to provide adequate window coverings. Indeed, it could have ended up more of a rom-com than a classic thriller, with Jimmy Stewart and his girlfriend, played by Grace Kelly, settling down for cuddles and cocoa every evening, instead of getting themselves embroiled in suspicions of murder.

The dangers of voyeurism

It’s the same problem with the security in Brian De Palma’s film Body Double. If only Melanie Griffith’s character had not shown off so much in front of her open windows, she might not have ended up murdered. She was just asking for trouble not drawing the blinds! (Not really!)

Surveillance is sinister

From Nineteen Eighty-Four, where every citizen is continuously monitored by Big Brother, to the travails of the main character in The Truman Show, movies demonstrate the spooky consequences of being watched. Even if poor Truman had had the sense to secure himself with some light-blocking roller shutters, his entire existence would still have been a fabrication for the sake of a TV audience. It’s enough to induce paranoia, which is just what happens in the film of that name, when the spier becomes the spied on.

Christmas cunning

When Kevin, played by Macauley Culkin, is left Home Alone, he has to try and trick the burglars who are intent on robbing his family home. He might only be eight years old but he does a great job of leaving lights on, curtains open and sounds playing to try to fool the criminals. Unfortunately, this attempt at faked security is not enough and he has to go on to rig up a series of elaborate booby traps.

Just as we often wince and panic when a character insists on entering a creepy basement or attic in a horror film, we often wish they’d be more careful when it comes to keeping themselves safe inside. Luckily, in the real world, you can always rely on Abacus Shutters.

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