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Fire Shutters Essex

Ensure that you have effective preventative solutions in place when a fire occurs on your premises with our fire shutters in Essex. We are Abacus Shutters, your specialist for high-grade, reliable fire shutters in Essex. An unrestricted fire can overrun a building within a few minutes and pose a deadly risk to the lives of the people inside. Provide unparalleled safety and protection to your premises and occupants with fire shutters in Essex. Contact us today for more information about our fire shutters in Essex.

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    What is an Essex fire shutter?

    When a fire occurs, fire shutters in Essex will close and contain a fire. Our fire shutters in Essex are similar in design to standard roller shutters, but they feature several alterations to the design. These changes make sure that the integrity of your fire shutter isn’t compromised in the event of a fire.

    There are two options to activate your fire shutters in Essex. They can be activated by either the triggering of the fire alarm system or by a local heat/smoke detector. The type of activation required must be considered within the business’s risk assessments. Speak to our expert team today to discuss our fire shutters in Essex.

    How do fire shutters work?

    Standard tubular motor fire shutters in Essex operate upon receiving a signal from the fire alarm system or a key switch for security.

    For industrial applications, you may wish to consider conventional inline fire shutters in Essex. These are activated by the alarm system to drive the motor. A failsafe mechanism such as a fusible link can also trigger the solenoid release mechanism, which would result in a controlled gravitational descent.

    Our fire shutters in Essex also feature a control panel, which can be programmed to allow options like two-stage closing and any delays required. Depending on the control panel type, they can also provide audio and visual warnings. These will notify those in proximity to the Essex fire shutter, which is activated and operating.

    Abacus Shutters

    Our Range of Fire Shutters in Essex…

    We at Abacus Shutters offer a huge choice of fire shutters in Essex. Our effective fire shutters in Essex are manufactured to specific fire resistance requirements. This ensures your safety and the protection of your premises. Our range of fire shutters in Essex includes…

    Fire Shutters EssexFire Integrity (E) Ratings

    • 60 minutes (E60 rating)
    • 120 minutes (E120 rating)
    • 240 minutes (E240 rating)

    Fire Shutters Essex Structural Types

    • Flexible structure tested (timber stud)
    • Rigid structure tested (masonry, steel)

    Fire Shutters Essex Specification

    • 240-volt tubular motor operation
    • 240-volt or 400-volt industrial chain drive motor
    • 75mm x 50mm x 5mm cold rolled galvanised angle
    • Cast end locks
    • Expansion washers
    • Sleep mode battery backup system for up to 30-day standby power – links directly into UPS-FDI panel. (available for 1ph fire shutters)
    • Fire alarm interface card for all sleep mode battery backup systems
    • Anti-fall-back protection (safety brake)
    • Key switch operation
    • Audio-visual fire display interface panel &slave repeater (Provides audible and visual warning, two-stage closing and delay descent).

    Fire Shutters Essex Optional Extras

    • Smoke detector
    • Heat detector
    • Emergency exit push button
    • Fireman’s switch

    Fire Shutters Essex Finishes

    • Polyester powder coating (British Standard or RAL colours)
    • Galvanised steel.

    The Benefits of Fire Shutters in Essex

    • Damage Limitation
      Limit the damage inflicted on your premises with our fire shutters in Essex. Our fire shutters in Essex allow a building to be isolated around an exposed fire.
    • Minimise Risk to Life
      Fire shutters in Essex limit the spread of fire and smoke and facilitate access to protected escape routes. This minimises risk to life and ensures minimal injury.
    • Easy Incorporation
      Did you know that our fire shutters in Essex can be incorporated into your existing evacuation plan? Along with other installations our fire shutters in Essex are an essential life-saving device.
    • Range of Specifications
      Fire shutters in Essex meet the customer’s and insurance company’s requirements and adhere to building regulations.
    Abacus Shutters

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    FAQs Fire Shutters in Essex

    How much do fire shutters in Essex cost?

    The cost of fire shutters in Essex will vary depending on your unique specifications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

    How long does it take to install fire shutters in Essex?

    As with the cost, the length of time it takes to install fire shutters in Essex will vary.

    Are fire shutters mandatory in the UK?

    Building regulations and fire safety standards may vary, so it’s essential to check with local authorities and adhere to relevant regulations.

    Do fire shutters require regular maintenance?

    Yes, regular maintenance is vital to ensure that fire shutters in Essex function correctly when needed.

    How long do fire shutters last?

    The lifespan of fire shutters in Essex varies depending on several factors, including usage, environmental conditions, and maintenance.

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