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Fire Shutters

Fire Shutters

Fire on your premises is an emergency regardless of what business you’re running. An unrestricted blaze has the power to take over a building within a few minutes, posing a lethal risk to the lives of the people inside. Fortunately, Abacus Shutters provides an effective preventative solution, our installation of high-grade fire shutters in London and the home counties.

Our fire resistance shutters allow a building to be isolated around an exposed fire. This has the added benefit of limiting the damage inflicted on your premises. This essential piece of fire health and safety can be incorporated into your existing evacuation plan, allowing more time for your staff to escape unharmed whilst also significantly slowing the fire spread.

Increased Safety With Fire Shutters

Our durable fire roller shutters are manufactured to specific fire resistance requirements. These include:


  • ½ hour (30mins)
  • 1 hour (60mins)
  • 2 hours (120mins)
  • 4 hours (240mins)


We ensure that we can match the exacting specifications required for such vital health and safety needs to meet the customer’s and insurance company’s requirements and adhere to building regulations. So no matter the size of shutter you need, Abacus has a solution for you. They’ll both compartmentalise a building, helping to prevent fire spread.

These fire shutters are not just practical for health and safety. All our fire shutters in London are durable enough to be effective for security purposes. Our expert team has installed many fire shutters and security shutters in London and the home counties. These installations have proven to be an effective deterrent for theft and successfully provided peace of mind for many of our clients.

Investing in High-Quality Fire Shutters With Abacus Shutters


Whether you invest in fire shutters or fire-resistant curtains, you can be sure that both will significantly delay the spread of fire and smoke. In addition, these essential tools work even better in combination. They give your employees time to evacuate safely while protecting other areas of your property, allowing the trained emergency services to deal with the fire and potentially save much of your premises.

Our engineers are highly trained and experienced, so we can guarantee that each fire shutter installed in London and the home counties are quickly and correctly installed. In addition, fire shutters can be connected to the building’s existing fire alarm system or have a stand-alone local activation system to help safeguard your employees and property.

If you want to find out how we can help, get in touch with our experienced team. You can contact us directly on 0845 644 1225 or submit an online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.


  • As defined by regulations i.e. serveries, in a basement, over lift shafts, etc


  • Compliance with law
  • Protection from fire including reduced losses
  • Added benefit of security
  • Minimise risk to life

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