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Roller Grilles Shutters

If you’re in the market for a security solution that offers greater visibility and better air circulation than commercial roller shutters, then look no further than our range of roller grilles. Portcullis grilles, otherwise known as roller grilles, are latticed shutters made from steel or aluminium that offer enhanced protection to a shop front or property.


Benefits of ROLLER Grilles SHUTTERS as shop front security grilles

Boasting a robust and reliable grille structure, roller grilles are designed to protect the premises from the attention of unwanted visitors. This type of solution offers several benefits over traditional roller shutters.

The open style tube and link roller shutters offer a popular alternative to solid roller shutters as they add to the aesthetics and draw attention to your premises. With maximum visibility of 80%, they’re perfect for any business which relies on visibility for trade, allowing potential customers to see window designs. Retail security shutters like this are ideal for places such as bars and shops, as even when the premises are shut, they allow passers-by to look into your front display. This can prompt customers to revisit your business on another occasion when they are intrigued by what they see.

Another advantage of using roller grilles, as opposed to steel roller shutters, is that air can circulate more freely. This is particularly important when dealing with enclosed areas like underground car parks, where unpleasant smells, smoke and fumes can all escape freely, thereby improving the quality of the air inside.


Using Portcullis Grilles as Retail Security Shutters

If you’d like to find out more about whether your business would benefit more from portcullis grilles in London & Home Counties or our range of roller shutters, including:

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  • Car Parks
  • Shop Windows
  • Bars


  • Increased airflow
  • Security whilst window displays still visible
  • Ventilation

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