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Electric Security Gates

An automatic security gate at your entrance is an excellent addition to any commercial, industrial or domestic property. The combination of increased security, enhanced safety, and automated convenience your gate will provide is an investment you won’t regret.

Benefits Of Automated Security Gates

Enhanced Security

Ensuring your boundaries are secure is vital not only for commercial properties but also for your home. For example, controlling who can enter your property is essential for a commercial or industrial environment. Similarly, regarding domestic properties, an electric gate can also help you gain much-needed privacy.

Safety Measures

Installing an electric security gate is a cost-effective solution that can solve many of your security concerns.

Many homes in busy streets struggle with other people using their driveways to turn their cars around. This can be an inconvenience and put any loose pets or children at risk of injury.

Schools and universities often struggle with a lack of parking, especially when they are located near a major town or city. Random passers-by regularly infringe on the dedicated parking spaces for students or staff, making spaces hard to come by for those who need them most.

By installing an electric security gate on your premises, you can ensure that no unwanted vehicles will be on your land, thereby increasing the safety of either your family, your staff, or your students.

Automated Convenience

Getting out of your car to open a large gate by hand every day can become very tiresome. You can save yourself this hassle by choosing to automate your entranceway with an electric security gate.

An electric gate can add some much-needed convenience to your day. We at Abacus Shutters can provide superior electrical gate installation, and if you’re happy with your current gate, we can also investigate upgrading it with our electrical automation.

Bespoke Electric Security Gate Solutions

We at Abacus Shutters specialise in the three essential services that you want from your chosen company:

We offer quick installations with all our products. During our last 40 years of providing a quality service, we have pioneered efficient work methods that ensure we can provide an excellent service whatever your specific needs. We will also check if your location is safe to instal an electric gate before your purchase, not after.

We offer hands-on maintenance for any products we’ve installed for you. So whether it’s a commercial, industrial or domestic security gate, contact us to see how we can help keep your gate at its highest quality.

We offer onsite repair services. Our expert team has an average of 19+ years of experience, each with all of our bespoke electric gate products. We are confident we can solve any problem with our exceptional level of service and tailor any solution to suit your needs. Email or call us on 0845 644 1225 during work hours to discuss how our repair team can help you out or call 07989 600 675 for out of hours emergencies.


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