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Gates & Barriers – Overview

Gates and barriers and an effective tool for protecting your premises and establishing a beneficial level of access control to your commercial, industrial or domestic building.

Electric Gates
Collapsible Lattice Gates

Benefits of Gates and Barriers

Ensuring your property’s land is identified is essential for managing your business, but to not hinder your operations, you’ll need to establish access points for your authorised staff. Barriers and gates are practical additions to your security not just for their physical presence but for the visual deterrent they present to anyone considering entering your land without permission.

Electric gates are a fantastic security solution for a whole host of businesses. Because they’re fully automated, you’re in control of who comes in and out of your premises from a remote location. Our electric gates can be installed in commercial, residential or industrial premises. So no matter what type of solution you are in the market for, we can help!

When it comes to electric security gates, our almost 40 years of experience means we’re proud to state that working with electric gates is one of our main areas of expertise. Over the years, we’ve worked on many projects with electric gates, including installing, maintaining and repairing domestic, commercial and industrial entrances.

If you have existing manual gates or security barriers in place, we have the expertise to upgrade and automate them into up-to-date electric-powered gates. We thoroughly assess the existing gates before completing any work to ensure the high quality of our work and the safety of all parties.

Durable Gates and Barriers From Abacus Shutters

Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation within the South East of England as one of the premier electric gate installation providers. There’s a good reason for this; we have almost 40 years of experience dealing with a broad range of electric gates, barriers and collapsible lattice gates in London and the Home Counties. So, when you choose products and services from Abacus Shutters, you’ll receive the best service and a lasting solution.

We also provide other choices to suit various businesses, such as automatic glass doors, fire protection and security shutters

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