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Sliding Folding Shutter Doors

In spaces where restricted headroom is a concern, Sliding Folding Shutter Doors provide a credible solution to the space constraints while also offering a high level of security. This type of door is specifically designed for use in industrial premises to provide a maximum vertical opening for large vehicles. For example, you may find that our industrial Sliding Folding Shutter Doors are the shutters for you if your building falls into one of these categories: 

  • Aircraft hangers 
  • Boatyards
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Factories
  • Industrial units

Typically, additional space is needed in these buildings, mainly because large equipment or vehicles come in and out of the entranceways. Similarly, these buildings typically house large and often extremely valuable equipment, which is why the high level of security is favourable. 


Why Choose Sliding Folding Shutter Doors? 

There are numerous reasons why someone would choose Abacus’ Sliding Folding Shutter Doors for their building. For example they: 

  • Provide maximum space due to their wide openings and extra headroom. Space in industrial units comes at a premium, especially in the capital, which is why our Industrial Sliding Doors in London and Home Counties have soared in popularity in recent years. Additionally, they are ideal for those with overhead space constraints.  
  • Offer a reduction of energy costs. As the doors offer a flexible horizontal opening, they can minimise heat escaping and cold air entering your premises. This directly affects your energy costs, which is not only great for your bank account but also the environment, as you will cut down on the energy you use. 
  • Provide a high-security solution. Protect your building and its contents with our Sliding Folding Shutter Doors and their security solutions, such as heavy-duty top tracks and multiple lock systems. 


Sliding Folding Shutter Doors from Abacus Shutters 

If you need a door that’s capable of effectively working in a space with restricted headroom, then look no further than the Abacus range of Sliding Folding Shutter Doors. We have 40 years of experience in the industry and are more than capable of providing you with precisely what you need to help protect you and your building. So if you’d like to discuss how our range of Industrial Sliding Doors in London and Home Counties could help your business, please don’t hesitate to call us directly on 0845 644 1225 or use our simple online enquiry form to get in touch. 


  • Aircraft hangers
  • Boat Yards
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Factories
  • Industrial Units


  • Secure
  • No headroom
  • Very wide openings