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Automatic & Manual Glass Doors

First impressions are the most important. This is as true for life in general as it is crucial for business. In business, people’s first impression of your company is the entrance to your building.  There’s no denying that your business entrance makes a statement and reflects the corporate identity of your enterprise. Investing in your entranceway with well-designed, aesthetically pleasing manual and automatic glass doors is an excellent place to start, as your business will instantly give off the right first impression to your clients.

Installing automatic and manual glass doors gives your business entrance a modern, appealing look while also looking far more inviting for customers than other doors currently available on the market.

Benefits of Manual and Automatic Glass Doors for Businesses

Beyond simply aesthetics, your business will also gain many other benefits from choosing either automatic or manual glass doors for your entranceway, such as:

Hand-free convenience is a huge benefit that will help your customers. Saving your people from breaking their stride to open a heavy door will allow the elderly, disabled people, or anyone with their hands full.

Inherent safety is a subtle benefit from well designed automatic glass doors like the ones Abacus Shutters provides. They can include proximity sensors to avoid collisions with people, automatic controls for personal customisation and even programmed security features.

Consistent flow with your foot traffic is possible as your new automatic glass doors will open on their own to allow people to move smoothly, eliminating those annoying pauses as people have to swing a door open before passing through.

Energy-saving is increased with glass doors, especially the automatic variant. So instead of trying to solve your traffic flow problems by leaving your doors open all the time, profit from our energy saving automatic glass doors that will open automatically when a person needs them to. This can help with your heating bill during winter and your air-con during a heatwave.

Investing in Manual and Glass Doors with Abacus Shutters

Abacus Shutters offers swing, sliding, folding and revolving doors that are reliable and require minimal maintenance following installation. All of the doors we install in London and the Home Counties can be manual or automatic, incorporating the necessary activation mechanisms and accessories, as well as conforming to all current safety standards and the ever-changing legislation.

Our specialist, automatic glass door division, removes the technical complexity of fitting automatic doors at your premises. They enable us to offer a dependable, trouble-free service that ensures the correct combination of quality, usability, safety and convenience, maintaining the most up-to-date building regulations and DDA requirements.

If you’re looking for automatic and manual glass doors, then be sure to get in touch with the experts here at Abacus Shutters. We are a company that prides itself on meeting and exceeding our client’s requirements. We specialise in expert security shutters and security doors as well as high speed doors in London and the Home Counties.

You can call us direct on 0845 644 1225 or submit an online enquiry form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.